Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nothing to do this New Year's Eve? How About a Detox?

Not pumping the bubbly this New Year's Eve? Neither am I.  New Years is a time to look forward to the future to celebrate what we hope will be new beginnings but why does it have to start with a night on the town?  Why not take a positive first step and begin to work on your body, to rid it of toxins and stuff that can cause inflammation.

Doesn't sound like fun?  Well I don't think being hung over, with bloated eye lids and swollen ankles from water retention caused by too much drinking sounds like fun either.  Yes, a night spent with close friends and family is warm and cozy, having a great dinner and yes, accompanied by sensible drinking sounds pleasant, however its not always possible to do things this way.

So here's what I suggest:  Spend sometime in bubbly.  Huh?  yes, nice warm, bubbling bath water.  Place and light some candles in your bathroom, find a good book or magazine and run some warm water.  Add OmStone Relaxing Bath Soak and soak your way to relaxation.  Precious oil of sandalwood hydrates the skin and blends with sweet, tangy orange to gently lift you spirits while epsom salts release toxins in your body. Mandarin and Bergamot add aromatic texture.  For $8.00 you can party like royalty.  To order click the link below:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Sex

What's a better present for your loved one than the gift of sex?  Especially if you dole it out sparingly througout the year.  Although this blog is a bit cynical about the role of sex, it can add wonders to your relationship and also cooperation (think designer handbag for christmas).

Lack of desire can be due to many reasons - stress, hormones, a new baby, boredom with your partner and not wanting to change the sheets.  Sometimes though it is due to being tired and lacking in the mood.  You can change the mood with essential oils.  Some oils are very sexy and relaxing indeed. 

Try diffusing a combination of pure sandalwood and rose, or if you  don't have that try sandalwood and lemon or jasmin and orange.   Lemon is uplifting, Jasmin is an aphrodisiac and sandalwood is relaxing.  Lower the lights and viola, a setting out of Arabian nights.

Have fun

The Scent of the Holidays

The holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow evening with Thanksgiving Eve and continues in New Years.  For some people it is a really difficult time.  No matter where you are in the US you can feel those holidays. 

Its generally silient on the streets - even Manhattan on Thursday, Thanksgiving afternoons as people run hither and yon with their sweet potatoe pies.  If you are alone or stressed out, Thanksgiving can be the longest day of the year.

Even if you aren't alone and you are planning to get together with family, these gatherings can be difficult.  The Father-in-law who thinks he's fat.  The stupid cousin, the silly aunt and the burnt turkey. Every hour can seem like a year. 

A great option is the essential oil of black spruce. Try buying everyone an Omstone available from  These gorgeous hand made stones absorb essential oils for days.  One drop and you are good to go and they make stunning gifts.  It comes with a small vial of oil -- request black spruce.  Its refreshing, green, uplifting and calming without being piney.  Black spruce blends well with lemon for a truly uplifting experience.

If you are spending Thanksgiving by yourself, rose geranium for comfort is a nice choice of oil to diffuse or to dab onto your omstone.   If you are around people who have a negative vibe, block it out with a rich, spicey, somewhat suggestive scent of frankincense.  If you have faux tree, you can add a few drops of black spruce, spruce or cedar for an aromatic tree.  Happy holidays.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Aromatic advice for Kim Kardashian

Aromaram generally focuses on topical and relevent issues, however, much to the blog's amusement Kim's marriage bash has surpassed her wedding What a twist to the marriage that was described by the press as royalty.  Was the split truly unexpected?  Of course, we can always ask mama Kris who claims she could have saved Nicole Simpson.  Oh yeah?  why couldn't she save her own daughter?  Guess mama Kris knows disaster brings in the dollars.

Well just in case Kimmy is crying her eyes out in Australia, we have some aromatic advice for her...  Rose, Lavender and Sweet Orange.  Rose of course, to mend a broken heart and heal disappointment.  Especially since she may have to return that two million dollar ring.  Lavender to relax miss Kim and help her sleep as she promotes hand bags in Australia, and sweet orange, because it is sunny and bright like her native Los Angeles and will keep her smiling through out the drama of her televised divorce.  Will Kris Humphries be featured?  Don't know if there are any oils for suckers but he could try sandalwood to stay cool calm and collected.  He'll need it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

If you buy only oil buy this one!

If you are planning to purchase only two oils buy these:  Lavender .   Lavender is a virtual pharmacy in a bottle that performs a myriad of functions.  It is excellent for skincare, it disinfects, it is an excellent air and laundry freshener, calms pets and people.  It can help with sleep and anxiety.  It helps heal wounds and burns and takes the itch out of bug bites.  You can add to water for an all purpose cleaner.  What more could you want/

If you or someone you know have had or has an estrogenic cancer then you might want to consider grapefruit.  This sunny, fresh, citrus oil is also excellent for the skin -- helps kill acne bacteria and exfoliates mature skin.  It is refreshing and calming.  An excellent oil to sooth the nervous system, calm children with ADHD and use for general housekeeping. 
Of course, grapefruit oil may cause sun burn, so if you apply it to any areas of your body exposed to the sun, you'll need to use sun screen.
If you don't have any health issues, why not purchase both oils?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Essential Oils Can Bring Sex Back into Your Marriage

Its been said before: Its all in your mind. Attraction begins in the brain and moves outward. There's alot about chemistry that we don't understand but some of it is stimulated by ambiance. Ambiance can set the mood. Think about it. When you first start getting close you buy sexy lingerie. Take long baths and pay lots of attention to grooming. You dim the lights switch on the music and take your time. As you become more familiar with your partner, certain things just slip away, the lingerie is replaced by cotton, the pretty nighties by gray sweat pants and perfume by nothing. He stops using mouthwash before coming to bed. It just gets boring and same old, same old. You may not care and he may not care but lack of sex leaves your marriage vulnerable and unless you are willing to take risks it might be wise to indulge every so often, but how can you get that old feeling back? You can fake it. You can fake it with the lacy panties and the baths and by creating an ambiance. Essential oils can help. Use scentless candles in a dimmed room and diffuse a blend of jasmine, rose, neroli and sandalwood. Some of the most beautiful oils available. Jasmine is an aphrodisiac, rose addresses the heart, neroli the senses and sandalwood adds a spicy, somewhat musky undertone. After sex, as no one smokes anymore, indulge in a little after aromatherapy. Add a drop or two of lemon, orange or bergamot to a cotton ball and give to your partner to inhale. This will lock in a pleasureable experience into his or her brain and enhance the feeling and memory.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School!

BACK TO SCHOOL Time to think about germy thing coming home in your kids back pack and of course getting them to calm down and do home work and get to bed evenutally. I will be doing a three part series on:

Using essential oils to wake kids up
Using essential oils to calm kids down
Essential oils and how to use them to kill off the yucky flu bugs. S

So stay posted

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bug Bites, Bruises and Helichrysum

I love the summer.  I particularly love sitting outdoors at night and reading.  I find the muggy, humidity reassuring and soothing.  I am though, a nipping post for anything that bites.  Usually, they itch a little and then disappear. This time something vicious got its teeth into me, in a few areas around my ankle.  The bites were weepy and my ankle swelled to double its size, most unattractive.  The glands near the bottom of my foot began to swell and the area was hot and red and very inflammed. So inflammed, I couldn't walk.

I spent hours with my foot elevated.  I sprinkled tea tree and lavender directly on the bites.  I soaked a soft cotton wash cloth in a basin of lavender and tea tree and applied it to my ankle.  It didn't help. I took advil.  I used over the counter anti-itch cream and and calamine lotion.  My ankle continued to swell, became more and more tender to the touch, and the skin surrounding the bites became hotter and redder.  Finally, I remembered Helichrysum, which I know, is excellent for bruising and inflammation.  It is an expensive oil running about $15 a ml. In my refidgerator I keep a selection of hydrosols - the water steamed from the flowers, herbs and plants during the distillation process of essential oils.  Hydrosols contain about 0.5% of essential oils. 

I sprayed the the icy helichrysum hydrosol on my ankle and immediately the bites began to cool down. Within minutes, I felt complete relief from pain, and it lasted several hours.  So how does this work? 

Helichrysum chemical structure sets it apart from other essential oils. It contains di-ketones which is excellent for fading brusies and regenerating the skin.  Helichrysum italicum, which is a herb also known as everlasting or immortelle has a strong analgesic effect due to its high content of sesquiterpenes and esters.

A woman in her mid 30's consulted me about her hormonal acne which was leaving bluish, greenish bruises on her jaw line.  I blended helichrysum withaloe vera and these bruises disappeared. 

Helichrysum is more anti-inflammatory than chamomile and is probably the most effective skin rejuvenator.  Here is how you can incorporate helichrysum into your life:

Skincare:  Wounds, antiaging, rejuvenation, bruising, under eye circles.
Emotions;  Used to unblock emotions. High content of esters relax the nervous system.
Spirtiual: Helichrysum connects the body with spirit.
Detoxifying:  In a 1:1 ratio add helichrysum to a carrier oil such as jojoba and blend on the reflex points of the feet that correspond to the liver.

They hydrosol has a unique aroma which can only be described as toasted coffee.  It i s quite pleasant and relaxing.  Do not use helichrysum if you are pregnant or nursing or under 12 years old.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Recovering from Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony was acquited.  Many people gasped in astonished horror.  The jury said there was not enough evidence to convict her.  Some people believe Anthony got away with murder.  Some people view this as the triumph of evil and blights their hope for a better world.

The opposite of evil is good.  Pleasure is good. Essential oils can help restore pleasure to life, especially in the face of depression and loss of hope. Of course essential oils cannot rectify people who are cruel and destructive, however they can help you feel good and massage the areas of the brain that feel hope.  Any oil that you find pleasing will help, but I truly recommend neroli.  Neroli is the oil of orange blossoms, the flowers that were carried in a bride's bouquet in Italy.  It is gentle yet sweet.  It calms heartache, disappointment and relieves insomnia.

Just one inhalation of this oil will remind you of the beauty in this world. Other benefits include reduction of stretch marks, acne, broken capillaries soothing of dry and mature skin.  I

Neroli is a very expensive oil, so use it with care.  It can also be diluted in jojoba to extend its quantities.
If you find yourself feeling down, and broken hearted over the state of the world, or something you just don't think is right or fair, break out the neroli, and put a drop or two in a small amount of jojoba. Dab on your temples and close your eyes and think of the gorgeous gardens of Italy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

That Neck Thing -- Don't Feel Bad About It

Erma Bombeck feels bad about her neck.  So bad, she wrote an entire book about it.  From an essential oil perspective there isn't much you can do to tighten your neck.  You can use oils such as rose geranium, clary sage, a bit of lemon and lavender to brighten your skin and lighten those age spots.

The most effective answer to a sagging neck is a face lift.  However, if that isn't in your cards, you can hide it.  Wear high necked sweaters and shirts, or add a light scarf  and wrap around your neck for a fabulous trendy look. You can also wear an enormous necklace that will take away from the droop. 

Wear a signature scent created from essential oils that reflect the person you are and bring out your inner energy.  Aromas can be blended to your exact specifications for a signature scent.

Still feeling bad about your neck?  loose yourself in our gorgeous blog -   You'll find yourself feeling wonderful.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nausea and Essential Oils

When it comes to research and the use of essential oils, the Brits are way ahead of us.  Here is a note from researcher in England describing how and which oils they are using for nausea due to illness and the effects of chemotherapy.

From : 

Jeannie Dyer
Clinical Lead for Complementary
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Our normal practice at this hospital, outside the study, is to offer aromatherapy massage for any patient who wishes to have it for whatever reason they feel it will be helpful to them. We do see patients while they are undergoing chemotherapy if that is what they want, and they are able to choose the essential oils which they like – or choose to have just base oil if they prefer not to have an odour. We use sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and calendula infused oil (in sunflower oil), as the bases. We have a range of essential oils. We have recently performed an audit of our aromastick use for nausea in which we used three different combinations of oils to inhale to help patients combat nausea caused by a variety of things, including chemotherapy, and found all three blends were helpful. This article will be published shortly in the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy. The oils used in the reflexology / massage study are whatever oils are chosen by / offered by / considered suitable by the four therapists on the study.
The most recent article we wrote about the use of aromasticks for nausea will be in the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy vol 7 issue 2, 2010 which has got held up and has not got published yet as far as I know. An earlier article on the use of aromasticks was published in vol 5 issue 2 2008 same journal. Information about this journal can be accessed online if you google IJCA. An aromastick is like a Vicks inhaler device but you put 10-20 drops of essential oils on the blank wick, place the wick inside the plastic tube, put the stopper in the end and then it is sealed in, you screw it shut or open to smell it or not smell it – so very effective for quick whiffs rather than a constant stream like from a diffuser, and can be carried around, and is not expensive.

We consider any of the oils we use safe for chemotherapy patients as long as they like the smell. The only oils we would consider not safe would probably be considered not safe for other people also, not to do with the cancer.

The oils we used for nausea were ginger / peppermint / lavender; eucalyptus / lemon; cardamom / spearmint / orange. And some others chosen individually. We try not to use single oils for nausea so that a smell association is not built up to a familiar oil like peppermint or spearmint which the patient may then encounter in some other situation, which might then trigger nausea. We use a blend which will not smell like anything else.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Turn his Lust into Love with Essential Oils-The Summer of Hot Desire

Meterologist were predicting a cool, wet summer.  Instead its turned out to be pretty hot indeed - lets call it the summer of hot desire.

The internet is plastered with experts weighing in on "How to Tell if its Love or Lust?"  or "What is Lust?" or "Lust vs. Love."  Is love preferable to lust?  who really cares?  Just as lust can cause unhealthy reactions it can cause postive ones as well and it doesn't diminish with age.  Good lust is about feeling "high," invincible, happy.  Bad lust makes us anxious, obssesive and frightened. 

Scientists and psychologist and experts on romance seem to draw a line between love and lust.  I believe that sometimes you can turn lust into love not only by prolonging the outcome but also by using essential oils to both heighten the impact of lust and calm your mind in the throes of the moment.

Let me explain.  Lust begins in the limbic system, the oldest part of the brain. This part of the brain causes us to work on automatic - such as fight or flight, sleep and hunger. Essential oils are thought to work on the limbic system as well. So here's some advice:
  1. Cool down your own passion with a "hit" of a blend of euclyptus, rosemary and lemon to clear your head so you can gain better control of your emotions.
  2. Combine a drop of cypress, a few drops of bergamot and mandarin in an ounce of jojoba oil and add to your bath to stop obsessive thinking about your intended.  This gives you the upper hand, once you are cooler not so eager, the object of your interest heats up and begins pursuing more intensely
  3. Make him weak at the knees with a perfume of ylang ylang and jasmine combined in jojoba oil.  Ylang ylang can reduce pulse rate while increasing arousal.  It also is reassuring, calming and fosters inner peace, elation and releases endorphins.  He'll smell it too and the little chemicals -will reach his brain too. He'll wonder why he feels soooo good and trusting with you.  Don't feel obligated to share your secret. Side benefit:  excellent aphrodisiac.  Side benefit number 2:  controls those butterflies when you are with him, giving you more of a chance to actually enjoy being with him. Jasmine will relax you as well but better yet, is highly sensuous and reassuring.
  4. Sensuous bath.  Relax him with a tub filled with warm water and sandalwood.  Add a drop of frankincense and then watch your tiger turn into a pussycat.  He'll be amenable to all.  
  5. Never give away your secrets. Especially about the oils.  He'll feel maniupulated. 
Keep that hot lust but by keeping yourself cool, you can watch the fire of desire turn into the warming flames of the home hearth.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who Says Detox Baths Have to Stink?

People new to the realm of essential oils are often surprised to learn that certain oils smell unpleasant, lending credence to the idea that anything good for you feels bad, tastes bad and looks bad. 

It is unfortunate that simple techniques that can enhance your lifestyle are thought to be stinky.  A detox bath enhanced with essential oils, which is beneficial to detoxifying our bodies of acids, other unhealthy matter, stimulating the lymph system, decongesting the liver, relaxing the mind and some believe relieving cellulite is sometimes avoided when people get a whiff of some of the oils suggested.

A detoxifying bath soak can be calming or invigorating and always smell wonderful depending on the oils selected.  That is why it is important to speak to a qualfiied aromatherapist before blending any oils yourself. Some oils have contraindications you may not be aware of.  A certified aromatherapist can also create a detox bath essential oil blend that slips in a few of the icky smelling oils which have excellent properties and then disguising the scent with pleasant smelling oils.

I like using epsom salts which are very beneficial to the liver. They are also inexpensive and very relaxing to the mind.  A calming blend which I like is cedarwood (atlas) which revs up a sluggish lymph system. Sunny lemon brightens the mood, boosts the immune system by thinning the blood and reduces the acidity in the body.  A dash of grapefruit amps up bile. It may also stimulate the appetite, however, the aroma is devine.

For a fresh minty aroma, and clarity of the mind add in a drop or two of peppermint - but only if soaking during the day.  Peppermint is excellent for lymph drainage.

Although the combinaion of peppermint and grapefruit is divine the two together can have you dashing out of your bath and crashing your refridergator, so try not to combine

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sex and Aromatherapy: A Hot Topic

For those of you who are experiencing a lackluster sex life, there's good news:  You are not alone.  My posting Why Have Sex?  Try Ylang Ylang "scored" the biggest hits ever on this blog. So here's the question?  why are so many people bored with thier sex life? 

Of course there are many reasons; lack of interest in thier partner, lack of a partner, pain, stress, emotional disconnect, lack of self esteem, physical or mental illness and the list goes on. 

From an aromatic perspective, olefaction smell can make a big difference in your attitude toward yourself-- and your partner. Scent is among the most primative sensations and most evocative. Using an essential oil can help remove the edge from being with someone you are either not terribly thrilled with or so thrilled with that you experience lack of self esteem and performance anxiety. 

A drop or two of a deep sweet frankincense combined with a few drops of sandalwood and blended in jojoba oil and used as a sensual massage to start can get those juices flowing as you or your partner begin to feel your muscles warm and relax.  Or you may diffuse this synergy with some essential oil of lemon to rev things up.

For lack of self-esteem, it pays to invest in essential oil of rose.  Extremely expensive its affinity is with the heart and confidence.  A less expensive alternative would be rose geranium. One heady drop of the essential oil of rose on the throat may be all it takes to unleash the burning lover within.  My suggestion for men would be sandalwood as it is relaxing without being sedating and has a warm masculine smell. 

You can cool down an over attentive love by diffusing peppermint. You can also sprinkle it on your linen. This invigorating oil can have  deep and heavy scent, but beware it can be arousing as well. To induce sleep in a boring bed partner offer a hand an arm massage with a lotion that is infused with neroli, and excellent oil for relaxation.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She'll Make you Want a Piece of Her

Some of us women are masochists.  We never got over getting put down in school.  Perhaps, we always wanted to be part of the in crowd and never were.  Some of us were awed by cool people.  Some of us, including myself have never gotten beyond and continue to put ourselves in situations where we are constantly seeking the approval of nasty, mean women.

You know the type... the hair stylist that makes you feel inferior.  The makeup counter person who is slightly nasty but very attractive, the personal trainer that looks down on us.  No matter how they make us feel we keep on going back and back and back hoping to win their approval for whatever we need their approval for. 

Wanna stop?  you can.  Essential oils help build confidence. Rose for instance can help repair a broken heart, cracked by disappointment and always being the odd man out.  Bergamot and cypress can stop obssesive behavior. Everytime you think of going into the jewlery store with the snooty sales woman, just inhale one or both of these oils and you will find yourself thinking of other ways to improve your self worth.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Married too Long? Take a Sabbatical.

Lets admit it, being married for even a short period of time can see boring.  It can be even more boring if you've been married for a long time. 

Being a mature adult means accepting the fact that can't be exciting every day and there is some excitment that makes boring look good. So being bored isn't necessarily a bad thing.  There are those that believe that a sabbatical makes good sense.

A sabbatical from marriage can be rejuvenating and refreshing.  It can offer a whole new perspective on your spouse as well as the marriage itself.  Taking time to assess what makes your marriage boring from a distance can help resolve the problem.  However, as we all know that with or without children taking a sabbatical from marriage is impossible.  The logistics may not work at all. Your spouse may get  the wrong impression and your children may think that you are leaving for good, when all you are thinking about is a break from the day to day details.  

The good news is that you don't have to leave town, your house or even your bedroom to take a sabbatical.  A sabbatical can be a psychological state of being, rather than a physical location.  Here's how:  Close your door and diffuse this blend of essential oils:  lemon, orange, sandalwood and cedarwood.  You will feel like you are on the shore of a  beach on a Greek Island.  Picture palm trees, a crystal clear ocean and an azure colored sky.  The air is whispers a warm breeze and you sink deep into the soft white sand. 

Run a bath and add a cup of Epsom or dead sea salts combined with the glycerin and three drops of the essential oil of mandarin, 2 drops bergamot and 1 drop of rose or jasmine.  Slide into your tub and rest.  Close your eyes and think of being away, or doing exactly what you feel like doing and not what anyone else wants or needs you to do.  Then think about what life would be like if it was different. 

Use this time to think about your marriage.  What is it that is not satisfying you?  If you can't put your finger on it, realize that good and bad times are all part of life. 

True this isn't a sabbatical but it is a simple way to take a break and think about yourself if only for a few minutes.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I saw Miley Cyrus and Here's What Happened

I've always been starstruck.  Seeing celebrity makes my heart beat a little faster.  Living here in the midwest, my opportunities for seeing celebrities is limited.

I am also noticing that I am starting to worry a bit more about safety. Especially when I am with my kids.  Yesterday, my kids and I were at Los Angeles International airport waiting to go through security.  The lines were long, long, long and actually snaked through an entire hallway and down the staircase.  It was unbelieveable. Tempers were high as people feared they would miss their flights.

We finally reached the security checks.  People were putting their bags on the rollers to go through the xray machines.  I looked around and noticed an extremely scuzzy looking guy with a baseball cap and three cameras with zoom lenses.  What can he possibly be taking photos of I wondered?  No one else seemed disturbed. When I presented my license to the security guard, I asked who is that person taking pictures.  I also wondered why he was being allowed to do so. The answer was that he was a paparazzi. Miley Cyrus was just a bit ahead of us in line.  Sure enough there she was a darling looking young woman.  I pointed her out to my boys who recognized her but told me they wished she was a pokemon. 

In the interim, I was quite frightened of the paparazzi that I thought was up to more nefarious dealings that I felt my anxiety levels grow and grow and grow. When we exited the security area, my heart was really beating up a storm -- that old fight or flight syndrome.  Fortunately, I had a teeny little vial of lavender with me in purse that I was using on my dermatitis that I picked up on the beach.  I breathed in the lavender aroma with deep breaths and I could feel my heart beat slowly returning to normal. Essential oils work. They work everytime.  Contact us at for more details.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break is Here and Teens are in More Danger than Ever. Whats a Parent to do? Throw them a lemon life saver

Marketing Students' Study Finds Teens Ignoring Risks of Tanning

Teens continue to visit tanning salons despite being aware of the dangers, a study released today reveals. The study was conducted by Beachwood High School marketing students on behalf of the office of Bryan J. Michelow, MD FACS, a Beachwood, Ohio-based, board-certified plastic surgeon.
The results of the study regarding teenage attitudes toward tanning beds reveal that 33 percent of the 55 teenagers interviewed admitted to being aware of the dangers of ultra violet light in tanning salons, yet they continued to visit them.
“The results of these focus groups reveal that kids are hearing the message about the link between skin cancer and tanning beds but choosing not to listen,” says Dr. Michelow, who commissioned this study after he had seen a leap in the number of deadly melanomas and basal cell cancers in young adults. “Young people don’t realize that the foundation for healthy skin is laid down early in life. Melanomas can appear in adults as early as their mid-20s. Melanoma can be fatal and basal cell cancers can be disfiguring, requiring a great deal of reconstruction,” adds Dr. Michelow, who repairs the damage to the face, skin and limbs following excision of cancerous lesions.
Dr. Michelow hopes to use the results of the study and the marketing strategies recommended by the Beachwood High School seniors to inform teenagers and their parents about the importance of maintaining skin health.
The Beachwood High School students recommended a tipping point approach to educating teens about healthy skin. Their research suggested that teenagers are highly influenced by their peer group and long to fit in to these groups. They recommended a marketing and advertising campaign based on teenagers desire to be accepted and been seen as cool.
Beachwood High School’s marketing class is taught by Mrs. Jean Getz. Her college-level class, is part of the Mayfield Excel TECC Consortium, a unique collaborative educational effort among six east-side school districts. Each year, students present a client with a complete marketing package that includes market research, a SWOT analysis, and recommendations for an integrated marketing plan to promote the product or service.
Dr. Michelow’s practice engaged Mrs. Getz’s marketing class at Beachwood High School to explore extending preventative skincare services to teenagers.
“The students did a wonderful job,” said Dr. Michelow.  “We learned that teens are hearing the message about healthy skin but they are not necessarily listening.  Mrs. Getz and her class helped us understand the teen thought process when it comes to skincare and what was important to them in product and services."
This collaboration was mutually beneficial. Jason Edwards, company and class president said, “The opportunity to work with Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery was a great experience.  We were able to not only work with a paying client but also to apply what was learned in the classroom in a real-world setting, by generating focus groups, conducting primary and secondary research and creating ads.”
Solly Popish, another senior, agreed. “I had a lot of fun working with Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery," she said. " I learned how to gather information, perform focus groups and design advertising.”
The study’s findings are of particular relevance as Ohio State Representative Lorraine Fende (D) District 62 (Willowick) and Representative Courtney Combs co-sponsored Ohio State House Bill 119, requiring a physician’s prescription for teenagers under the age of 18 who would like to use tanning booths.  Currently a teenager less than 18 years old must present a parent or guardian’s signature to the tanning salon prior to being allowed to use the Ultra Violet (UV) beds.
The number of skin cancer cases in the United States has increased from 500,000 in 1991 to 3.5 million per year.  Experts say that 20 minutes in a tanning bed is the equivalent of basking in two-three hours of midday sun. Eighty percent of the damage to the skin is caused prior to age 18.
Should House Bill 119 pass and become law, it will be the most stringent in the nation. Lobbyists such as the Indoor Tanning Association are vigorously opposing the bill.  Teenagers under the age of 18 comprise 10 percent of tanning salon customers. Barring them from using the tanning beds would take a big bite out of tanning salon earnings, which are already lean. A similar bill, regulating teen use of tanning booths by young teenagers was defeated in 2009. The Bill was supported by Miss Ohio 2009.
Companies marketing to teenagers face a dual challenge; raising awareness of their product, service or message among teens, while earning the approval of the parent who still guides their child’s purchasing decisions. Last year’s marketing class worked with Doner Advertising, the world’s largest private advertising agency, to perform market research for Doner’s clients, Things Remembered and Arby’s Restaurant.
Lemon essential oil help in that it is excellent in a carrier oil to soak up sebum from teen skin.  However, lemon is highly photo toxic and can cause sun burn. Teens using products with lemon essential oils must always wear sun screen even on cloudy days. They also cannot use tanning beds during this time.  No one wants to risk a burn on their face.  
Lemon is highly energizing and uplifting.  Its an excellent way to steer young people to activities other than lying prone on a sun bed!  Please go to  or for more information. 

When He Bores You. Spruce Things Up.

If you are married and he bores you, you obviously have a problem.  If you are feeling an extraordinary amount of resentment it is time to see a therapist.  However, if it is just a dull throb and your relationship is in the doldrums and you can live with it there are tricks to enliven your significant -- or possibly insignificant other.

Change often revitalizes a stagnant relationship and that change doesn't have to be a significant one. We will leave the communication techniques to the therapists, psychologists, coaches and social workers to analyze.  However, there is significant reseach in psychoaromatherapy. 

Psychoaromatherapy is the study of how aromas work on the mind and change a dynamic, or many dynamics. There are companies infusing their company's hallways with essential oils to calm the air.  Adding aromas to your home and living areas can help you spruce up your relationship.  Especially by diffusing black spruce.
The chemical in essential oils are what gives the oil it scent and actions.  Black spruce is a woodsy scent reminscent but sweeter and milder than eucalytus radiata (the two combine, relax and help you focus). 

The fresh aroma diffused through your home will at least give you something to talk about.  It will calm you and perk you up as well.  For more information visit

Monday, April 11, 2011

Is Your Dog a Red Dog or Blue Dog? Lavender Wins at the Polling Booth

Its true.  Just like dogs begin to look like their human parents, they have begun to identify with them politically.  Once liberal minded mixed breeds are crossing party lines to bark down collective bargaining, as economic cuts are biting into thier little luxuries.  Taking a contrarian position are AKC purebreds.  They are looking down their snoots at their mongrel brethern as uneducated red state rednecks.

While pundits in the dog world have been predicting this state of affairs for sometime,  no one was prepared for red dogs going snout to snout over the new tea party initiatives. Some red dogs are howling that red dog politicans are going too far while other red dogs are licking their chops over the new legislation regarding unions 

With an interesting take on the Ohio union's slogan, "We are Ohio,"  delicate breeds from minature dobermans to hardy mountain dogs have devised a slogan of their own  "One Woof for Ohio."  Conservative dogs view the slogan as another distressing move toward socialism.  The leader of the conservative tea party pack, a mixed breed part shelty part mystery dog pictured below sporting a blue harness, perhaps as a respectful nod to the opposition, has sniffed at accusations that all red dogs care about is their own territory.

The end result is dogs unleashing their fury at one and other, leaving dog parents wondering how they can get their best friends to keep their opinons under their collars. Fortunately there is an answer:  Lavender essential oil.  

Lavender has sedating effects on both dogs and humans.  Lavender oils can comprise around 40% of a chemical called Linalool. This chemical has been shown to have a potent sedative effect when the vapors inhaled.
It is thought lavender supports relaxation by increasing the activity of alpha waves within the back of the brain. Alpha waves the expand awareness and slow the brains activity to a more relaxed state.  Experts say a dog's brain functions similarly to human's without a human's intellectual capacity.

Lavender, which should not be used internally can have a very calming effect on dogs when they are anxious or frightened.  Dogs have thin skins and also a highly developed sense of smell.  Subtle aromatherapy is an excellent way to deliver the relaxing benefits of lavender to your dog without overwhelming him or her with the aroma of an essential oil. 

OmBones(tm) are small, artisan made white clay "bones" which easily absorb essential oils.  They are adhered to a charm listing all of a dog's wonderful characteristics which can be customized with your dog's name and phone number. Add the included drop of lavender essential oil to the "bone" and help your dog find peace.  Aroma can last up to two weeks and can be refreshed when needed.  OmBones can be washed gently with soap and water. Only $10.00 at

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Have Sex? Get Motivated with Ylang Ylang

Why Have Sex?  That's a good question.  Especially if you have been in a long term relationship, sex seems like one addtional chore or obligation that one needs to make time for in their busy life. Its really easy to loose interest in it, once it becomes same old, same old.  Agreed?

Well, having sex is a good idea merely because it is a good way to burn alot of calories fast. It is also  a good way to keep your relationship on track.  What can you do if you simply don't feel like it?  ever...?

Counseling is out of our realm but Ylang Ylang is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and can help you get motivated for the big 15 minutes or so you will need to be engaged. 
Ylang ylang is a gentle oil that is rich in esters.  It sooths the nervous system and allows you to relax.  Another reason it is not a whole essential oil, meaning that it is processed differently from other essential oils. In a 2005 study ylang ylang was found to reduce the pulse rate while at the same time increasing alterness and arousal.  All good conditions for having sex. 

So now we've established that we must have sex for diet and for our relationship.  We've established that ylang ylang works on relaxing the pulse rate as well as the nervous system while at the same time increasing alertness and arousal, so how do we use this very powerful smelling oil?

It can be used in an inhaler along with other essential oils.  The chemicals of the scent will travel immediately to the brain and into the limbic system where ylang ylang will begin to do its work.  Ylang ylang can also be added to a lotion along with other oilsin a blend that it won't over power.  Check out for intstructions on how to blend. Happy Luvin!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Yes, Certain People Should Not Use Lavender

Lavender is an essential oil that can be used safely by many people to relax, for skincare, for burns and to add a pleasant aroma.  However women who have had estrogenic based cancers should refrain from using lavender.  Lavender is a highly estrogenic oil.  

There are other essential oils that are estrogenic such as clary sage.  Stay tuned and a we will post more. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Warm up Aging Sallow Skin Tone Fast!

Here's a secret that few people will tell you:  sallow, devitalized skin can add years to your appearance.  Dewy,  smooth skin, supported by collagen is a sign of youth.

Of course you can add collagen with dermal filler. While dermal fillers can fill in wrinkles and hollow under the eyes it can not polish and brighten the skin.  So here's a trick:  peppermint hydrosol.

Peppermint essential oils can rev up blood circulation to the skin, giving it a brighter appearance, however, peppermint essentential oil can actually burn if placed directly on the skin.  The superb smelling peppermint hydrosol however, contains just a fraction of peppermint oil.  All the same,  caution is urged and it is suggested you test it on your wrist.  

To one teaspoon of peppermint hydrosol add 4 drops of fennel and 5 drops of frankincense.  Fennel is considered beneficial to smoker's and dull skin.  Frankincense is gentle and smoothing to the skin. Calms dry irritated skin.    Stir oils well into peppermint hydrosol.

Blend the hydrosol and oils with one ounce of the cream.  Patch test for reaction.  Apply small amount to skin and watch your skin brighten up!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What is a Hormone and What Does it Have to Do with Essential Oils?

Nearly everyday we hear someone complain of a hormonal imbalance.  When we do we nod our heads sagely and tsk tsk in sympathy.  How many of us have actually stopped to wonder what a hormone is and how hormones are impacted by essential oils? 

A hormone is a chemical messenger secreted by the endocrine gland.  A hormone will impact the function of another part of the body. Growth hormone impacts the long bones.  Sex hormones impact sexual development and stress will cause the body to secret cortisol.

This article is not meant to be used in lieu of medical treatment. If you suspect you have a hormonal imbalance seek out a doctor to address your concerns. 

So essential oils will mimic the effects of estrogen and in some people throw off the homostasis of the body.  Lavender should not be used by women who have had estrogen based cancers.  Other essential oils that can imitate estrogen include clary sage and geranium.  

You can reduce stress and the production of cortisol by using oils such as sweet orange, bergamot and spearmint which are uplifting.  Other oils to relieve stress and induce sleep include rose essential oils and melissa. 

For more information contact us at

Friday, March 18, 2011

Aromatherapy and Infertility

For many women infertility is a devastating condition.  After all, isn't having children a natural right?  Women in this situation look for answers in both traditional medicine and alternative therapies.  Sometimes women abandon hope altogether as treatment is expensive, frustrating and very uncomfortable.  Adoption remains an alternative but it too can be expensive, frustrating and uncomfortable. 

As a certified aromatherapist, master degreed educator and a woman who battled infertility and won! (I adopted two children!), I believe that aromatherapy cannot assist in helping a woman conceive.  In fact I would argue that the use of aromatherapy during the time of month when a woman is undergoing treatment could be counter productive.  The reason I say this is because if a woman tries to conceive and fail, she may blame it on the rose, lavender or clary sage all estrogenic oils she might have been give to inhale, soak in or apply. 

Infertility caused by hormonal imbalance should be addressed by a professional.  Time is of essence when it comes to treatment, so I think that it is not a good idea to use essential oils to shrink fibroids.   With that said, I think there is a place for aromatherapy for the couple or woman relying on assistance. 

It is important to avoid many drugs and herbal remedies when trying to conceive, so anyone considering the use of essential oils should consult with their physician. But the weeks prior to beginning hormones, it might be nice to diffuse essential oils of rose and sweet orange in your home to help relax and bring down tension levels.  Infertility treatment is stressful as it is, this is an excellent way to lower anxiety. 

This posting is not intended to be used in lieu of medical advise.  However if you have any questions please contact us at

Monday, March 14, 2011

Psychoaromatherapy: Use it to your advantage

You may not believe it but we are constantly being manipulated by smells.  Walk into any mall and notice the food court is always in the center luring you with the aroma of fresh baked cookies.  Next thing you know, you are buying a dozen and wolfing them down, even though you've sworn off sweets. 

Home sellers are often encouraged to diffuse vanilla and other irritating scents throughout their homes when trying to sell.  I use the word irritating because I believe aromas must be subtly diffused and not annoying. 

You too can use psychoaromatherapy to your advantage. Whether you are negotiating a deal or negotiating a date.  The trick is to use the aromas carefully and subtly.  A drop of lemon is refreshing and stimulating - exciting to the person you are pitching too.  Ylang ylang is known to be an extremely potent aphrodisiac, it is also a potent aromatic and must be carefully blended in order not to turn off your love interest.

Companies have begun diffusing essential oils throughout their offices to keep their workers energized and pleasant.  If you would like to learn the tricks of the trade please contact us at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten Seconds to Younger Looking Skin. Added Bonus This Oil Has a Great Aroma

Yes, ten seconds is all it takes to get on your way to younger, smoother skin for spring.  This miracle essential oil is palmarosa. Its a fragrant straw colored grass with a sweet aroma spiked with notes of rose. 

Gentle and excellent for all skin types, palmarosa is used in formulations designed to address mature and aging skin.  As a skin rejuvenator it smooths wrinkles, and works on red capillaries that "decorate" the areas around the nose and somtimes can be found on the skin. It also is recommended for adult acne, especially for sensitive skin. 

At OmStone Aromas we specialize in creating high quality, customized products with essential oils to work with your specific skintype.  A lovely therapuetic blend to consider would be palmarosa and frankincese.  Visit us at and see how lovely skincare can be.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ghandi Root Essential Oil - Warming, Calming, Grounding Om-ilicious!

I have found an om-ilicious essential oil that has been adding a new dimension to my blends both for relaxation, sleep and for those seeking a spirtitual depth.  Ghandi Root. 
Its aroma is deep and slightly sweet.  It opens with a syrupy top note ending with an earthy base note, perfect for meditation and energy work.  It is also excellent for those struggling with sleeplessness.  I have been combining Ghandi root together with frankincense, sandalwood and lavender holds well in a rich body cream.  Of course, I always like to cheer things up with a touch of rose hydrosol or perhaps a citric oil.

Can you get rid of your wrinkles forever?

Can you get rid of yor wrinkles forever?  The answer is no. Even a facelift will eventually begin to fall, because aging progresses.  So what's a wrinkle fraidy cat to do?  Prevent and Correct.

Prevention is the ultimate way to control wrinkling and contain the damage. This means, staying out of the sun, no smoking and keeping your skin well hydrated because dry, tight skin leads to wrinkles!
Essential oils and carrier oils can help hydrate your skin.  Carrier oils known to deflake dry skin include borage oil, evening of primrose oil and grapeseed oil.  Jojoba oil is an excellent choice for acnetic and oil skin.  Essential oil of frankincense is an excellent oil to rejuvenate the skin along with rose geranium and sandalwood.  Toss in a drop or two of lemon essential oil and you skin will brighten up. 

Correction of wrinkles is possible of couse (and its all temporary!) with Botox and other neurotoxins.  Not everyone wants to go this route. You can try exfoliation techniques to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with microdermabrasion and mild chemical peels.  At home you can make yourself a sugar scrub using the absolute of orchid oil.  Contact us at and we can blend specifically for you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Threes Secrets to Younger Looking Skin with Three Secret Essential Oils

Skin ages.  It blotches, it browns, it scabs, it reddens.  Lots of things happen to skin over the years.   We wear our hearts on our sleeves and our years on our face. 

There are three secrets to keeping your skin younger looking longer.  They don't involve alot of money or time or sophisticated equipment. 

Secret number 1:  Don't smoke.  If you do quit.  Right now. Get a patch, get hypnotized get anything that will help you. Try inhaling an essential oil - esspecially bergamot to help contain the compulsion to smoke.  Add a bit of chamomile to resist the urge to smoke and cypress to stregnthen your purpose.  Smoking does awful things to the skin.  Smoker's lips develop little fine lines, and lipstick gets caught in them.  Dehydrates the skin.  It deepens the dreaded marionette lines around the mouth.  

Damage control: If you continue to smoke don't bother doing anything to correct or repair your skin as smoking
can either hinder healing or shorten the length of time temporary correction can last. Once you have given up
up your cigarettes you might think about Botox, dermal fillers or peptide products. Deep chemical peels and
mild chemical peels can brighten fatigued looking skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.
Secret number 2:  The sun.  The sun can cause photoaging and unattractive brown spots on your hands and face.  Use sunscreen every day, even when it is overcast and don't forget your hands.

Damage control: Of course, sun screen to prevent further aging. Mild chemical peels combined with microderm
abrasion conducted in a series gets nice results. There are natural fading lotions and of course hydroquinone
which is somewhat controversial -- and available without a perscription up to 2%. It is not recommended for more
than a few weeks use. Hydrorejuvenation, again a series is recommended to help rejuvenate the skin and at home
care can help refresh and brighten your face.
Secret number 3:  Facials and professional exfoliation on  regular basis and orchid extract.  Add 7 drops of orchid oil, 2 drops rose geranium and 6 drops of frankincense to unscented organic or natural hydrating cream and use day and night prior to your sunscreen.  Frankincense and rose are great oils to use to hydrate and restore and youthful glow to the skin.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

More snow

Yet another snowy, blah day.  Cold and icy.  It is another opportunity to try blending a few more brightening oils -- this time Eucalyptus Radiata and Sweet Orang.  My emotions soared and the room seemed to brighten.

YEAH! They are here! OmBones(tm)! So Cute you and Your Dog will be Barking with Joy!

Your cranky, anxious dog will love  OmBones (tm) our new personal aromatherapy diffusers for dogs.  All natural!  Sprinkle a drop or two of included lavender essential oil on the white clay disk of you dogs OmBone and watch your canine friend just mellow out as stress melts away. So convenient.  Just clip to your dogs collar.  So fashionable -- you'll have the coolest dog with the best karma on the block. Only $15.00 visit to purchase. 

Pick up an OmsStone pendant for yourself ! works like an OmBone but set in gorgeous hand crafted pieces.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Glowing Day

Ice still clings to the bare tree branches despite the warming temperatures and slight thaw.  The display of sunlight continues to break into coloful prisms as melting drops of ice glisten as they fall.  The tips of tree tops shine in the fading daylight and everything is dusted with a snow that trims the icey landscape like a fresh dollop of whipped cream.  

It is a perfect day to explore the countryside.  To pull on a lined pair of wellington boots, take the dog and begin tramping through the nature centers to admire nature's spectacular display.   Icicles glisten like so many white diamonds. There is perfect silence.  How wonderful the world is!  How magical!

The fire is crackling in my fireplace and  I am diffusing a warm heady combination  of the essential oils of  mandarin, cinnamon and sandalwood throughout my house.  My children play quietly, unconcerned,  about homework or the next day to come.  The dog snoozes soundlessly beside me on the floor - out for the count.   This is the time to contemplate, to explore the inner landscape.  What have I done today?  What can I do better? 

You can enjoy the same synergy of mandarin, sandalwood and cinnamon I have blended for myself.  Please contact me at Omstonearomas. com

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Chilly, Icy, Day

Today was spectacular in its icy splendor.  Bare tree branches looked frozen in time.  A spell was cast on this city, which over night had transformed into a crystal ice palace.
"It looks like Narnia" said my son's friend who was visiting.  Indeed, as snow bound as we were, we were also spell bound by the chilly beauty of fairy tale granduer which surrounded us.   Set against the gray landscape the utter silence of it all awed even the youngest among us.

It was a day to celebrate with frankincese. To pay tribute to the power of nature, and the stellar display of the spirit and God.

I sat the children down in front of our picture window overlooking the ice sculptures that were once trees, wrapped them in soft blankets and made them hot chocolate and asked them to describe what they saw.

I decided to paint a picture of the day - an aromatic picture. I poured myself a cup of steaming mint tea in anticipation of a few quite moments to blend a synergy that would remind me of this day always. I blended frankincese, euclyptus radiata, black spruce, lemon and peppermint hydrosol with distilled water and to describe the chilled, crystaline topiaries glistening outside my window. 

The synergy is chilling yet reviving, rejuvenating and refreshing.  Underneath the minty cool base notes is a  heat associated with peppermint.  A heat that restores faith in renewal.

On a hot day in the summer, I will add this synergy to a lukewarm bath and cool off as I remember the astounding beauty of a frigid February Day.

Check out our new UrbanOm Collection.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Hot Cocktail for a Cold Night-Mix These Oils with This Beat and you Won't Be Chilly for Long

Here's  a sure fire antidote better - hotter than a hot toddy to heat up a cold winter night.  Add 2 drops of essential oil of jasmine, 2 drops rose absolute, 1 drop patchouli, 4 drops sandalwood to distilled water. Shake and mist.  Play this clip and wow! Better set the alarm for late next morning.

Monday, February 14, 2011

There's a Sexy Secret in your Spice Cabinet - Try it as an Essential Oil

There's a sexy secret in your spice cabinet. Its even hotter when used as an essential oil. We're talking about cinnamon. Spicy, heady and exotic, use this oil when you mean business in the bedroom, or the livingroom, or where ever else strikes your fancy and other parts of your body.

This oil generates heat in more than one way, so if you are very sensitive refrain from applying it to your body and never to your face. It can be a dermal sensitizer, and never use this oil if you are pregnant or in a bath. Cinnamon is high in eugenol and it may interfer with blood clotting so don't use with anticoagulant drugs or with hemophiliacs. There are two types of cinnamon oil bark and leaf... bark should never be applied on the body. Add a drop of cinnamon to natural or organic lotion or cream and to really get things rolling add another stimulating oil like ginger or if your partner doesn't seem in the mood a drop of sweet fennel should do the trick. Lighten things up with an additional 6 drops (per ounce ) of grapefruit oil.

Life doesn't get any better than this. OmStone Aromas can create personalized blends just for this purpose. for more on the benefits of cinnamon, click this link:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Because its My Face Stupid!

For many years there has been a nationwide movement advocating for educated aestheticians who actually know what they are doing. Some schools just train aestheticians to pass the state boards and then they are on their own. This means they need to become self-educated.

Ounce out and about and in the salon or spa, the aesthetician is given acid and crystal powder to apply to the face. They may or may not be trained, but what the hell? they can try and experience is after all the best teacher. Also since some of the newbie aestheticians are so green they may not be aware of state laws which dictate what they can and cannot use on someone's face.

So if your aesthetician wants to apply a peel or some preparation that just doesn't feel right, just say "no". If they ask why, just answer "because it is my face." You can leave out the stupid because she's the one with the acid in her hand!
Aestheticians that want to be successful take their jobs very seriously. They are educated on the products they sell and understand when and how and why to use something. A seasoned aesthetician or not so seasoned aesthetician who is ambitious and well educated will approach you cautiously and make sure you are not overly sensitive.
Visit for gorgeous bespoke products you won't forget.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too Tired for Sex? Spike the night with lemon, peppermint and clove

Too tired for sex?  who isn't?  however according to the experts intimacy is key to happiness and some weight loss as well.
(There's a silver lining to every cloud).

When relationships are new and exciting, sex is the driving force.  Once you get used to each other and the day to day stresses set in, its hard to recoup  that initial excitment.  So what's a girl to do? Coffee, tea, chocolate will keep you up all night.  So will sodas.  A great way to revive flagging desire and interest is with essential oils.  They can help energize you to get you through the act so you can get on to sleep.

Peppermint is extremely energizing and invigorating.  Some professionals believe that it should not be used before bedtime, but hey, a girls' gotta do what she's gotta do.  Clove's exotic, oriental aroma will add heat and desire, lemon will invigorate you and then calm you down.  Here's what to do:  Make a synergy that you can inhale several times before the deed. The energizing molecules will rush to your brain, reach back into the limbic system and perk you right up.  Here's the recipe:

1 drop clove
1 drop peppermint
4 drops lemon

Swirl gently together in a small container.  Dip in cotton ball and inhale.

If you are all reved up after try SLEEP from UrbanOm-- all natural sleep mister contains hydrosol with essential oil of Melissa - will get you to sleep before you can spell relief.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Valentine's Day Romance Him with Aromatic Bath. If you Do This After... You'll Really Take His Breath Away!

Why venture out into the snow and ice when an aromatic bath warms up even the coldest of winter's nights.   The right essential oils combined with a knowing lover's touch will earn you much more gratitude than that chocolate torte ever could.

Remember its not what your bathtub looks like its what you put in it.  Be careful, not all men enjoy floral scents.  In order for your romantic night to work, you'll need to do a little footwork, in anticipation of playing footsie.  Stock your aroma dispensary with the essential oils of  sandalwood, ylang ylang and and ginger.  Create a synergy of 1 drop gin ginger, 2 drops ylang ylang and 7 drops sandalwood.  Add to one ounce of unscented, all natural bath gel or bubble bath.
Then add 2 drops of ylang ylang  and 7 drops sandalwood and 6 drops lavender to unscented all natural massage cream.  Do you see where we are going with this?  Make sure you have large, soft towels, a fresh bathrobe and pretty unscented candels. Dim the lights for ambiance.

Sandalwood is the most sensual of all essential oils. Ylang Ylang is a most powerful aphrodisiac, ginger opens the body to intimacy and lavender breaks down any barriers to touch.  What a night! Ginger is quite pungent, so use it sparingly! 

Disperse your synergy of ylang ylang, sandalwood and ginger into your bath and enjoy.  Later blend the lavender, sandalwood and ylang ylang synergy with your unscented massage cream and give him a massage he'll never forget.  The oils with both calm and stimulate him.  Who needs chocolate?  Contact to create a blend he won't be able to resist.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beauty and the Bitch: Self esteem and essential oils

Girls can be cruel to each other.  Especially girls in middle school. There are more ways to bully and taunt someone than ever before. 

Being bullied can have  life-long implications.   In addition to damaging self-esteem it may impact the way a girl communicates and interacts with people for the rest of her life.  There is no logical reason that bullying should continue to be accepted as a rite of passage. 

Why does it happen? There are many theories and thoughts as to why.  My opinion is that this goes much deeper than a mere power struggle.  I believe bullying has to do with survival of the fittest. The very essence as to what makes us tick as human beings, the inate instinctual desire to reproduce and the desire to attract more male partners to help acheive that desire.

There are cases where a girls between the ages of 11 and 13 are ostracized or teased because they arer "weird."  No one should be bullied because they march to a different drummer, however, this is the nature of the beast.  Thre are some really smart, attractive nice girls that find themselves on the recieving end of the bully's stick.  Generally, she is victimized by the queen bee a little bitchy girl who feels threatened by her sweeter kinder rival.  In evolutionary terms, the queen bee or bitch as she may be subconciously feels that her ability to attract the interest of the boys is being impeded by this start up rival who is equally attractvie. 

Damaged self-esteem is the upshot and aromatherapy can help both the "bitch and the beauty" by offering a feeling of confidence and calm.  Oils suggested are neroli for confidence, rose for comfort and ylang ylang for acceptance.  Essential oils could be combined in an aloe gel for a perfume that all the girls would wear.  The perfume would create a bonding, plus it would lower tensions as the girls began to accept each other and feel their self-esteem and confidence rise.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Aromatherapy for your Lifestyle

No matter where you live these days life is hectic and stressful.  There is the faltering economy, fewer jobs, fewer contacts with people and electronics all the time anytime.  Kids are attached to little Ninetendo computers they carry around. After school its Wii. 

We are bombarded by information and it seems like none of it is good.  Lots of "must do's" fill the airwaves.  Must have breakfast, must have less than 6 ounces of protein, must work out like 10 times a week -- where on earth are we supposed to get the time, let alone the money?  The expectations are high. 

Can't even get away from it all at work -- that is for those of us who have work.  Many employed people are performing jobs that used to be done by two or three people.  No complaining allowed.  There's no time or money for a vacation.  Not to mention college tuition, and parents who may not be well. 

It all takes it toll on diet, exercise, outlook and emotions.  UrbanOm (  was created to help urban and suburban dwellers find relief.  These edgy products address stress, insomnia, focus and our environment.  They are preblended with the finest essential oils sourced from reliable markets.  Like OmStone Products, they are insured.   The collection includes five products:

Clean - Environmental, concentrated, all natural mutlipurpose house cleaner.  Antibacterial and antimicrobia.

Shape (Up) - a silky body lotion infused with  lemon and sweet orange wedded to spearmint,  revives flagging energy, promotes an interest in exercise and curtails appetitie.

Sleep - Melissa (lemon balm) hydrosol, a potent essential oil which relaxes the nervous system, and  leads sandalwood and lavender in the battle against insomnia.  It is thought that Melissa mimics the actions of benzodiazopenes - commonly used sleeping pills.  This mister scents your bedroom, pillow, pajamas and body.  Evening use only.

Focus- Restless?  racing thoughts?  focus can calm your racing thoughts and stimulate your mind.  Key ingredeient is grapefruit which is a nervine as well uplifting.  Simply apply gel to bottom of feet or temples or wear as a personal scent.

Focus 4 Kids - Ages seven years and older.  Our aromatherapist earned a Master of Arts degree in Education.  Mandarin, is the pivital oil, which is used to calm hyperactivity in kids.

Hairy Tales: When you've lost it and How to Get it Back

Ever wash your hair and step back from the drain horrified to see how much hair you've lost? Your first reaction may be horror and your second reaction fear.

Take a deep breath.  Hair loss can be attributed to many reasons.  It can be hereditary, hormonal or just due to a less than clean scalp.   If your hair loss is due to your genes there is very little you can do to regrow your hair.  Hormonal issues are not the focus of this blog, but if your hair is less than clean, we have some suggestions for you.

Sebum build up on the scalp can be responsible for hair loss and hair breakage. Shampooing is simply not enough to remove the oily buildup on your scalp and hair.  This build up can cause your hair to break.  Experts recommond  washing your hair with jojoba oil. 

Jojoba oil is technically a wax from a cactus like plant. Its oil is non-greasy and can be used by every skin type. The advantage to jojoba oil is that is absorbs sebum like a sponge.  Once the sebum is absorbed the hair is healthier and less likely to break. 

For customized jojoba products go to

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Five Sexiest Essential Oils for Valentines Day - One is a Big Surprise

1. Jasmine.  Intense, romantic, deeply floral, heady and exotic, this oil is the one to choose for that special night, or to attract that special someone.  Care is recommended as some people may have an allergic reaction, so as unromantic as this may sound perform a patch test.  To attract here's how to use:  add a drops (and another if you need too)  to 1/2 ounce aloe vera, and dab on wrists, temples, back of neck, elbow and knee creases and then meet up with your intended.  To get things going with your main squeeze simply diffuse it and see how things go. Jasmine may be combined with other oils.

2. Ylang Ylang.  Sweet, but definitely not subtle! The "flower of flowers" will get the point across very quickly.  Dab it on like a perfume by blending with aloe vera (1 or 2 drops per half ounce).  He'll fall at your feet.  A little unknown secret about ylang ylang is that it will give you the confidence to approach him (or her ) if he or she seems unapproachable.  If your desired one is yours already, ylang ylang is one of the best aphrodisiacs out there-- releases endorphins for a really good time.  Can wear as a seductive scent or diffuse - or put a drop or two on a pillow.

3. Cinnamon.  No surprise here.  Hot, spicy and exotic, cinnamon will get things going. Refrain from using it in the tub, and use the leaf not the bark.  To attract attention:  drop on a hankie to keep nearby.  If you want to romance your partner create an exotic ambiance and diffuse or dab silken lingerie with a drop of essential oil on a hidden place and then let him find it.

4. Clove.  Can be a skin irritant, but use it to irritate his/her most basic urge. Do not use with anticoagulant drugs or with hemophiliacs as eugenol may interfere with blood clotting.  Irresistibly sassy, clove can be used like cinnamon.  Combine the two for a one-two knock out that neither of you will forget.

5. Ginger. Surprise!  This zingy root used to sooth a sore throat, calm a cold and create a comforting environment, can also be an irritant!  An irritant to those urges we want to awaken.  Ginger can also react on sensitive skin so use with care.   This oil is quite potent, might be best mixed with cinnamon or clove.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Girl's Phyte Against Sagging Skin (Yeah, Essential Oils!)

This girl has been waging a one person battle against sagging skin.  You don't even have to be older to have it... no fair. Sometimes at 20 the skin around the knee begins to sag somewhat.wrecking the eye view between the thigh and the calf.  Thankfully there are leggings that can be worn all year round, which give a glimpse of the shape of the leg if not the skin itself.

There are those who believe that phytodyanmic and botanical products can lift sagging skin on the body and face so it could be worth a try.  Won't happen over night.  On another disappointing note, excerise just can't tighten these little flaws. So what exactly is sagging, when its sagging?

The answer is elastin.  Elastin is a protein which gives skin its elasticity, or its  "bounce back," after being stretched or maniuplated.  It tends to diminish as the body ages.  Sadly there really isn't anything that can reliably restore elastin.  Aromatherapists though believe that oil of primrose can help address or at least slow the deterioration of elastin with evening primrose oil.

Evening primrose oil is express from the seeds of evening primrose and is high in GLA or gamma-linoleic acid which improves cell structure and stregnthens the elasticity of the skin. It also contracts blood vessels. 

A mix of essential oils such as cypress and lemon and blended with evening primrose oil, might be a good combination to try to see if it impedes further elastin loss and rebuilds the skin.  Visit to view products and blends.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hidden Hazards of Aromatherapy: Never give this oil to a baby!

Not all essential oils are created equal.  Not all people are created equal either.  Internet sources, books and health food store personnel  can give you general information regarding essential oils, it makes good sense to consult with an educated, certified professional member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists ( before purchasing your essential oils and products. NAHA sets the gold standard for education.

Clinical or master aromatherapists who have earned certification through a NAHA approved curriculum complete a level one class of 30 -40 hours.  Voting members of NAHA have completed approximately 300 hours of training including case studies, oil analysis and a white paper.  This training includes contraindications to the use specific oils that are generally agreed upon.

Peppermint Mentha x piperita  is a very popular essential oil.  It is used to reduce nausea and tension  headache.  It is refreshing and stimulating and recommended for Raynaud's disease, travel sickness and stomach upsets. It can also be used in combination with grapefruit and eucalyptus in a rub for sore muscles.  In high concentrations it can burn and should not be applied to open wounds. It is used for colds and flus and in over the counter preparations.

Peppermint, should  never given to an infant or small child, or used around the child's facial region or nose due to the risk of spasms and respiratory arrest.   Avoid use in children eight years old and younger and for children older than eight follow recommended usage amounts.

The information provided here has not be reviewed or approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  It is not intended as an alternative to medical advice, or the advice of a medical professional.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Phyting Fat with Aromatherapy

Think it can't be done?  Well it can.  Get those boxing gloves out and get ready to "phyte" fat by using aromatherapy to suppress your appetite.

Just let us know and we can create an inhaler which features spearmint as its main ingredient. Inhale and feel the craving slip away.  Its truly magic.  However, there's always a little trick to magic.  In this case you must use use the inhaler when you begin to feel a craving.

The way this works is simple.  It is thought that the chemical constituents of the essences can travel through the olefactory bulb directly to the hypothalamus which is our body's "controller." The hypothalamus tries to maintain equilibrium all day. The chemicals in spearmint will reach the part of the brain which is responsible for appetite and hunger.  The spearmint will signal to the brain, that everything is under control.  You don't really need that ice cream cone.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

W**f My Dog Says! and Lavender Quiets Her Down.

Our coddled dog children deserve to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.  After all, we do why shouldn't they?  Well, there are plenty of reasons why direct application of essential oils on dogs is not in their best interest.   

Dogs have thin skin that may not absorb oils well. They can also be allergic to oils and if they are pregnant it is advisable not to use any oils on them.  Sort of unfortunate news especially when one's canine baby is anxious, doesn't like thunder storms and chews the furniture and anything else when left alone and uncrated. 

So what's a devoted dog mommy or daddy to do when their precious hairy son or daughter is woofing for relief?  Yes, there are anti-anxiety drugs for parents who believe their dogs may need them, however there are still efficient ways for canines to relax with aromatherapy. 

The answer is lavender and the method of use is diffusion.  Lavender is generally considered safe for dogs (if you have any questions, check with your vet).  You may diffuse lavender during the day or evening. Lavender's fresh smell will also disguise some doggy odors as well.  The drawback to this diffusion is that you constantly need to be on top of that diffuser ensuring it has it enough lavender.  We suggest using an OmBone from  or email for special orders. This terra cotta inexpensive "bone" is actually a personal diffuser that is designed to be attached to your dog's collar. Simply infuse it with a drop or two of lavender and your dog will stay calm for days.  The "bone" can be personalized with your dog's name, breed, astrological sign, mantra or a cool symbol.  Your choice.  It can also be washed when needed.  

So not only will your canine child feel cool, calm and collected, he or she will also look cool when they show off their their attractive OmBone personal diffuser. 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Facial Rejuvenation with Essential Oils Part 3

The texture of the skin can be a key give away to age.  Youthful skin is smooth with tight pores, even if it is dotted by acne.  Mature skin is characterized by the beginning of wrinkles, crows feet around the eyes and scar tissue.  The appearance of texture of the skin can also be improved upon by brightening the skin tone.  

Any topical application alone (including essential oils) are not enough to tighten sagging skin, however with continued use, they may be able to improve the way it looks. 

Old scars, even minor scars can be aging.  Here is a formula designed to address scar tissue:

1 ounce rose hip oil 
3 drops vitamin e
4 drops helichrysum (addresses scars)
6 drops Neroli (addresses scars and wrinkles)
5 drops Patchouli (aging skin, scars, wrinkles and sagging).

Apply at night after cleansing and toning.  Follow with moisturizer

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Facial Rejuvenation with Essential Oils Part II

This three part series focuses on rejuvenating the face with essential oils.  Lets face it girls and boys the very best way to get younger looking skin is a face lift, but barring that the right products and services can help rejuvenate on a topical level. 

Tone, texture and hydration are three contributing factors to older looking skin.  In the first article in this series we looked at improving the tone of the skin with essential oils.  In part II of this series, we will explore how hyrdration can help improve the appearance of the skin.

As we get older the skin gets dryer.  Guess what happens as the skin gets dryer?  that's right wrinkles and flakiness. That is why it is so important to keep the skin moist and well hydrated.  Even if your skin is oily, it still needs hydration.  To add moisture to oily skin, it is important to add a carrier oil to to a cleanser or moisturizer.  For oily skin I like jojoba, a rapidly absorbing liquid wax and for extremely dry skin, avocado oil. For inbetween skin opt for rose hip oil. 

Essential oils that work well on dry skin include rose, rose geranium, frankincense, orchid extract, palmrosa. Orchid extract has no scent and is very hydrating.

This cleanser  may also be used for skin that is being treated with heavy duty Retin A for acne. This gentle cleanser can be alternated with your perscription to keep the skin from becomming too uncomfortable dry. 

2 ounces organic or natural gel cleanser (ensure there are no essential oils included in the cleanser)
1/4 teaspoon avocado oil or 1/2 teaspoon jojoba or rose hip oil.

10 drops orchid extract
9 drops frankincense
4 drops geranium (to brighten)
3 drops ylang ylang
4 drops palmarosa

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Facial Rejuvenation with Essential Oils- Younger Brighter Skin Part 1

A facelift will immediately tighten saggy, baggy skin, eliminate jowels and restore youthful contours to your face.  Neurotoxins and dermal fillers will tighten and add volume, but total facial rejuvenation depends on repairing the tone and texture as well as rehydrating the skin.

Improving your skin tone can go along way to taking years off your face.  Aging skin can be sluggish, dull and gray with black circles under the eyes creating hollows.  Age spots and sun damage and tiny capillaries around the nose can also add years to your face.  Essential oils can be important weapons in the battle to polish the surface of your skin.  Products must be used consistently for results.   Here's how to make an anti-aging serum:

1 ounce of aloe vera gel
1/2 ounce distilled water
3 drops sweet fennel
4 drops frankincense
4 drops palmarosa
2 drops lemon
2 drops helichrysum

Blend oils with aloe vera and distilled water and funnel into a amber or blue pet or glass bottle with dropper top.   Tap onto face before bedtime after cleansing, toning and hydrating.

Eye Cream to reduce appearance of dark circles under and smoothe wrinkles around eyes

1 ounce organic or natural unscented light facial cream
50 drops rose hip oil
2 drops cypress 
6 drops geranium
2 drops lemon
5 drops sandalwood

Essential oils are already found in many treatment products you are currently using.  Some may work for your skin and other's may not.  At you have the opportunity to select the oils and the carrier (base oils that will work for you).  Or you can ask the professional aromatherapist to pick the products she thinks will work best for you based on a detailed description of your complexion.