Monday, April 11, 2011

Is Your Dog a Red Dog or Blue Dog? Lavender Wins at the Polling Booth

Its true.  Just like dogs begin to look like their human parents, they have begun to identify with them politically.  Once liberal minded mixed breeds are crossing party lines to bark down collective bargaining, as economic cuts are biting into thier little luxuries.  Taking a contrarian position are AKC purebreds.  They are looking down their snoots at their mongrel brethern as uneducated red state rednecks.

While pundits in the dog world have been predicting this state of affairs for sometime,  no one was prepared for red dogs going snout to snout over the new tea party initiatives. Some red dogs are howling that red dog politicans are going too far while other red dogs are licking their chops over the new legislation regarding unions 

With an interesting take on the Ohio union's slogan, "We are Ohio,"  delicate breeds from minature dobermans to hardy mountain dogs have devised a slogan of their own  "One Woof for Ohio."  Conservative dogs view the slogan as another distressing move toward socialism.  The leader of the conservative tea party pack, a mixed breed part shelty part mystery dog pictured below sporting a blue harness, perhaps as a respectful nod to the opposition, has sniffed at accusations that all red dogs care about is their own territory.

The end result is dogs unleashing their fury at one and other, leaving dog parents wondering how they can get their best friends to keep their opinons under their collars. Fortunately there is an answer:  Lavender essential oil.  

Lavender has sedating effects on both dogs and humans.  Lavender oils can comprise around 40% of a chemical called Linalool. This chemical has been shown to have a potent sedative effect when the vapors inhaled.
It is thought lavender supports relaxation by increasing the activity of alpha waves within the back of the brain. Alpha waves the expand awareness and slow the brains activity to a more relaxed state.  Experts say a dog's brain functions similarly to human's without a human's intellectual capacity.

Lavender, which should not be used internally can have a very calming effect on dogs when they are anxious or frightened.  Dogs have thin skins and also a highly developed sense of smell.  Subtle aromatherapy is an excellent way to deliver the relaxing benefits of lavender to your dog without overwhelming him or her with the aroma of an essential oil. 

OmBones(tm) are small, artisan made white clay "bones" which easily absorb essential oils.  They are adhered to a charm listing all of a dog's wonderful characteristics which can be customized with your dog's name and phone number. Add the included drop of lavender essential oil to the "bone" and help your dog find peace.  Aroma can last up to two weeks and can be refreshed when needed.  OmBones can be washed gently with soap and water. Only $10.00 at

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