Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Warm up Aging Sallow Skin Tone Fast!

Here's a secret that few people will tell you:  sallow, devitalized skin can add years to your appearance.  Dewy,  smooth skin, supported by collagen is a sign of youth.

Of course you can add collagen with dermal filler. While dermal fillers can fill in wrinkles and hollow under the eyes it can not polish and brighten the skin.  So here's a trick:  peppermint hydrosol.

Peppermint essential oils can rev up blood circulation to the skin, giving it a brighter appearance, however, peppermint essentential oil can actually burn if placed directly on the skin.  The superb smelling peppermint hydrosol however, contains just a fraction of peppermint oil.  All the same,  caution is urged and it is suggested you test it on your wrist.  

To one teaspoon of peppermint hydrosol add 4 drops of fennel and 5 drops of frankincense.  Fennel is considered beneficial to smoker's and dull skin.  Frankincense is gentle and smoothing to the skin. Calms dry irritated skin.    Stir oils well into peppermint hydrosol.

Blend the hydrosol and oils with one ounce of the cream.  Patch test for reaction.  Apply small amount to skin and watch your skin brighten up!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What is a Hormone and What Does it Have to Do with Essential Oils?

Nearly everyday we hear someone complain of a hormonal imbalance.  When we do we nod our heads sagely and tsk tsk in sympathy.  How many of us have actually stopped to wonder what a hormone is and how hormones are impacted by essential oils? 

A hormone is a chemical messenger secreted by the endocrine gland.  A hormone will impact the function of another part of the body. Growth hormone impacts the long bones.  Sex hormones impact sexual development and stress will cause the body to secret cortisol.

This article is not meant to be used in lieu of medical treatment. If you suspect you have a hormonal imbalance seek out a doctor to address your concerns. 

So essential oils will mimic the effects of estrogen and in some people throw off the homostasis of the body.  Lavender should not be used by women who have had estrogen based cancers.  Other essential oils that can imitate estrogen include clary sage and geranium.  

You can reduce stress and the production of cortisol by using oils such as sweet orange, bergamot and spearmint which are uplifting.  Other oils to relieve stress and induce sleep include rose essential oils and melissa. 

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aromatherapy and Infertility

For many women infertility is a devastating condition.  After all, isn't having children a natural right?  Women in this situation look for answers in both traditional medicine and alternative therapies.  Sometimes women abandon hope altogether as treatment is expensive, frustrating and very uncomfortable.  Adoption remains an alternative but it too can be expensive, frustrating and uncomfortable. 

As a certified aromatherapist, master degreed educator and a woman who battled infertility and won! (I adopted two children!), I believe that aromatherapy cannot assist in helping a woman conceive.  In fact I would argue that the use of aromatherapy during the time of month when a woman is undergoing treatment could be counter productive.  The reason I say this is because if a woman tries to conceive and fail, she may blame it on the rose, lavender or clary sage all estrogenic oils she might have been give to inhale, soak in or apply. 

Infertility caused by hormonal imbalance should be addressed by a professional.  Time is of essence when it comes to treatment, so I think that it is not a good idea to use essential oils to shrink fibroids.   With that said, I think there is a place for aromatherapy for the couple or woman relying on assistance. 

It is important to avoid many drugs and herbal remedies when trying to conceive, so anyone considering the use of essential oils should consult with their physician. But the weeks prior to beginning hormones, it might be nice to diffuse essential oils of rose and sweet orange in your home to help relax and bring down tension levels.  Infertility treatment is stressful as it is, this is an excellent way to lower anxiety. 

This posting is not intended to be used in lieu of medical advise.  However if you have any questions please contact us at

Monday, March 14, 2011

Psychoaromatherapy: Use it to your advantage

You may not believe it but we are constantly being manipulated by smells.  Walk into any mall and notice the food court is always in the center luring you with the aroma of fresh baked cookies.  Next thing you know, you are buying a dozen and wolfing them down, even though you've sworn off sweets. 

Home sellers are often encouraged to diffuse vanilla and other irritating scents throughout their homes when trying to sell.  I use the word irritating because I believe aromas must be subtly diffused and not annoying. 

You too can use psychoaromatherapy to your advantage. Whether you are negotiating a deal or negotiating a date.  The trick is to use the aromas carefully and subtly.  A drop of lemon is refreshing and stimulating - exciting to the person you are pitching too.  Ylang ylang is known to be an extremely potent aphrodisiac, it is also a potent aromatic and must be carefully blended in order not to turn off your love interest.

Companies have begun diffusing essential oils throughout their offices to keep their workers energized and pleasant.  If you would like to learn the tricks of the trade please contact us at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten Seconds to Younger Looking Skin. Added Bonus This Oil Has a Great Aroma

Yes, ten seconds is all it takes to get on your way to younger, smoother skin for spring.  This miracle essential oil is palmarosa. Its a fragrant straw colored grass with a sweet aroma spiked with notes of rose. 

Gentle and excellent for all skin types, palmarosa is used in formulations designed to address mature and aging skin.  As a skin rejuvenator it smooths wrinkles, and works on red capillaries that "decorate" the areas around the nose and somtimes can be found on the skin. It also is recommended for adult acne, especially for sensitive skin. 

At OmStone Aromas we specialize in creating high quality, customized products with essential oils to work with your specific skintype.  A lovely therapuetic blend to consider would be palmarosa and frankincese.  Visit us at and see how lovely skincare can be.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ghandi Root Essential Oil - Warming, Calming, Grounding Om-ilicious!

I have found an om-ilicious essential oil that has been adding a new dimension to my blends both for relaxation, sleep and for those seeking a spirtitual depth.  Ghandi Root. 
Its aroma is deep and slightly sweet.  It opens with a syrupy top note ending with an earthy base note, perfect for meditation and energy work.  It is also excellent for those struggling with sleeplessness.  I have been combining Ghandi root together with frankincense, sandalwood and lavender holds well in a rich body cream.  Of course, I always like to cheer things up with a touch of rose hydrosol or perhaps a citric oil.

Can you get rid of your wrinkles forever?

Can you get rid of yor wrinkles forever?  The answer is no. Even a facelift will eventually begin to fall, because aging progresses.  So what's a wrinkle fraidy cat to do?  Prevent and Correct.

Prevention is the ultimate way to control wrinkling and contain the damage. This means, staying out of the sun, no smoking and keeping your skin well hydrated because dry, tight skin leads to wrinkles!
Essential oils and carrier oils can help hydrate your skin.  Carrier oils known to deflake dry skin include borage oil, evening of primrose oil and grapeseed oil.  Jojoba oil is an excellent choice for acnetic and oil skin.  Essential oil of frankincense is an excellent oil to rejuvenate the skin along with rose geranium and sandalwood.  Toss in a drop or two of lemon essential oil and you skin will brighten up. 

Correction of wrinkles is possible of couse (and its all temporary!) with Botox and other neurotoxins.  Not everyone wants to go this route. You can try exfoliation techniques to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with microdermabrasion and mild chemical peels.  At home you can make yourself a sugar scrub using the absolute of orchid oil.  Contact us at and we can blend specifically for you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Threes Secrets to Younger Looking Skin with Three Secret Essential Oils

Skin ages.  It blotches, it browns, it scabs, it reddens.  Lots of things happen to skin over the years.   We wear our hearts on our sleeves and our years on our face. 

There are three secrets to keeping your skin younger looking longer.  They don't involve alot of money or time or sophisticated equipment. 

Secret number 1:  Don't smoke.  If you do quit.  Right now. Get a patch, get hypnotized get anything that will help you. Try inhaling an essential oil - esspecially bergamot to help contain the compulsion to smoke.  Add a bit of chamomile to resist the urge to smoke and cypress to stregnthen your purpose.  Smoking does awful things to the skin.  Smoker's lips develop little fine lines, and lipstick gets caught in them.  Dehydrates the skin.  It deepens the dreaded marionette lines around the mouth.  

Damage control: If you continue to smoke don't bother doing anything to correct or repair your skin as smoking
can either hinder healing or shorten the length of time temporary correction can last. Once you have given up
up your cigarettes you might think about Botox, dermal fillers or peptide products. Deep chemical peels and
mild chemical peels can brighten fatigued looking skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.
Secret number 2:  The sun.  The sun can cause photoaging and unattractive brown spots on your hands and face.  Use sunscreen every day, even when it is overcast and don't forget your hands.

Damage control: Of course, sun screen to prevent further aging. Mild chemical peels combined with microderm
abrasion conducted in a series gets nice results. There are natural fading lotions and of course hydroquinone
which is somewhat controversial -- and available without a perscription up to 2%. It is not recommended for more
than a few weeks use. Hydrorejuvenation, again a series is recommended to help rejuvenate the skin and at home
care can help refresh and brighten your face.
Secret number 3:  Facials and professional exfoliation on  regular basis and orchid extract.  Add 7 drops of orchid oil, 2 drops rose geranium and 6 drops of frankincense to unscented organic or natural hydrating cream and use day and night prior to your sunscreen.  Frankincense and rose are great oils to use to hydrate and restore and youthful glow to the skin.