Sunday, October 9, 2011

If you buy only oil buy this one!

If you are planning to purchase only two oils buy these:  Lavender .   Lavender is a virtual pharmacy in a bottle that performs a myriad of functions.  It is excellent for skincare, it disinfects, it is an excellent air and laundry freshener, calms pets and people.  It can help with sleep and anxiety.  It helps heal wounds and burns and takes the itch out of bug bites.  You can add to water for an all purpose cleaner.  What more could you want/

If you or someone you know have had or has an estrogenic cancer then you might want to consider grapefruit.  This sunny, fresh, citrus oil is also excellent for the skin -- helps kill acne bacteria and exfoliates mature skin.  It is refreshing and calming.  An excellent oil to sooth the nervous system, calm children with ADHD and use for general housekeeping. 
Of course, grapefruit oil may cause sun burn, so if you apply it to any areas of your body exposed to the sun, you'll need to use sun screen.
If you don't have any health issues, why not purchase both oils?