Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Girl's Phyte Against Sagging Skin (Yeah, Essential Oils!)

This girl has been waging a one person battle against sagging skin.  You don't even have to be older to have it... no fair. Sometimes at 20 the skin around the knee begins to sag somewhat.wrecking the eye view between the thigh and the calf.  Thankfully there are leggings that can be worn all year round, which give a glimpse of the shape of the leg if not the skin itself.

There are those who believe that phytodyanmic and botanical products can lift sagging skin on the body and face so it could be worth a try.  Won't happen over night.  On another disappointing note, excerise just can't tighten these little flaws. So what exactly is sagging, when its sagging?

The answer is elastin.  Elastin is a protein which gives skin its elasticity, or its  "bounce back," after being stretched or maniuplated.  It tends to diminish as the body ages.  Sadly there really isn't anything that can reliably restore elastin.  Aromatherapists though believe that oil of primrose can help address or at least slow the deterioration of elastin with evening primrose oil.

Evening primrose oil is express from the seeds of evening primrose and is high in GLA or gamma-linoleic acid which improves cell structure and stregnthens the elasticity of the skin. It also contracts blood vessels. 

A mix of essential oils such as cypress and lemon and blended with evening primrose oil, might be a good combination to try to see if it impedes further elastin loss and rebuilds the skin.  Visit to view products and blends.

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