Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Rise of the Yogalebrity: Why Aromatherapists are Advised to Pay Homage

Yogalebrity:  A yoga instructor with a large, adoring following.  Someone with 200 or 500 hours of education who has the ability to  sway the purchasing decisions, buying patterns  and lifestyles of a great  number of people, simply by giving them the gift of relaxation and toned bodies.

Lululemon, the giant Canadian manufacturer of yoga wear was onto something big when they decided to look at alternative modes of marketing.  In a brillant move,  they turned to an army of "Ambassadors," yoga instructors, with rock star status, who attract the shapely and misshappen to their studios. The Lululemon Ambassadors concept  encourages yoga instructors to  wear Lululemon yoga clothes during class and to sell them in their boutiques.    

Lululemon's approach worked, giving the Company  incredible visibility to their target market and the opportunity to tap into a potential sales force which in the year 2005, (the most recent statistics available) numbered 70,000 yoga instructors.   Lululemon saw its sales soar 69.3% in first quarter 2010 to $138.3 million, an amazing statistic in an disasterous economic scenario. Of course, Lululemon makes a quality product that goes from yoga studio to street with out bagging or sagging.  It retains its shape after many washings.  It minimizes the appearances of a sagging belly and cellulite. There are cute little details, such as pockets to hide your credit cards and keys during workouts.   All this and comfortable to boot.  The company was helped along by the fact that people with longest, leanest, sexiest bodies were wearing Lululemon all day and exposing the product to possibly 20 or more yoga devotees at a shot,  mostly women, who wanting, to emulate their yogi, by looking great asked where did you get those pants?

Lululemon's success illustrates in the incredible amount of influence generated by the culture of yogalebrity, or the celebrity yoga instructor. The reason is simple; yogalebrities earn the trust of their devotees by offering peace and escape from the daily grind. Yogalebrities help chisle flab into fab. They offer advice and comfort in the form  cool down prose. It could be argued that yoga instructors are the new clergy and the yoga studio the new chapel and visualization the new sermon.   There are more yoga instructors in the United States than there are rabbis.  Perhaps because in rough times such as these and americans demand for instant gratification, yogalebrity instructors can immediately deliver an hour of relaxation or clear headedness.  God sometimes takes a bit longer to respond to our requests.

Since you are a savvy aromatherapist can take advantage of the corrallation between yoga and the use of essential oil and develop a strong following by connecting with the yogalebrity in your own city or town. 

First you need to understand the role that aromatherapy can play in yoga.  Here are just a few ideas:

Helps support or unblock chakras.
Helps with focus and concentration.
Helps with dislike of excercise.
Helps create an ambiance.
Helps develop a spiritual connection.
Helps provide comfort and support during and following a yoga session.

Many yoga instructors are interested in aromatherapy but need guidance as to developing an effective yoga dispensary.  You may suggest working privately with your local yogalebrity  or offer a session during yoga teacher training or even a class for their students.

Once you gain the yogalebrity's trust, don't be surprised if they in turn make you the aromatherapalebrity!

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