Tuesday, January 25, 2011

W**f My Dog Says! and Lavender Quiets Her Down.

Our coddled dog children deserve to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.  After all, we do why shouldn't they?  Well, there are plenty of reasons why direct application of essential oils on dogs is not in their best interest.   

Dogs have thin skin that may not absorb oils well. They can also be allergic to oils and if they are pregnant it is advisable not to use any oils on them.  Sort of unfortunate news especially when one's canine baby is anxious, doesn't like thunder storms and chews the furniture and anything else when left alone and uncrated. 

So what's a devoted dog mommy or daddy to do when their precious hairy son or daughter is woofing for relief?  Yes, there are anti-anxiety drugs for parents who believe their dogs may need them, however there are still efficient ways for canines to relax with aromatherapy. 

The answer is lavender and the method of use is diffusion.  Lavender is generally considered safe for dogs (if you have any questions, check with your vet).  You may diffuse lavender during the day or evening. Lavender's fresh smell will also disguise some doggy odors as well.  The drawback to this diffusion is that you constantly need to be on top of that diffuser ensuring it has it enough lavender.  We suggest using an OmBone from http://www.omstonearomas.com/  or email omstonearomas@yahoo.com for special orders. This terra cotta inexpensive "bone" is actually a personal diffuser that is designed to be attached to your dog's collar. Simply infuse it with a drop or two of lavender and your dog will stay calm for days.  The "bone" can be personalized with your dog's name, breed, astrological sign, mantra or a cool symbol.  Your choice.  It can also be washed when needed.  

So not only will your canine child feel cool, calm and collected, he or she will also look cool when they show off their their attractive OmBone personal diffuser. 

By Rmichelow for Omstonearomas.com

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