Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lavender Fatigue

Oops!  I've gone ahead and said it. Lavender Fatigue.  Do you have it?  I certainally do.  It is probably the most over used oil I've come across.

Yes, its chemical properties make it a popular oil.  Its calming and disinfecting and nice for linen closets and your unmentionable drawer.  Its good for the skin.  Its got a gentle aroma.  Yet not only is it over used,  it is used for people who really don't understand this oil and think it smells good with mint or that it is excellent and calming for babies.

Lavender is not good for everyone.  Those with estrogenic based cancers should not use lavender products. My thoughts are that pregnant women and nursing women should not use essential oils and I would not use them on babies.  I am always surprised when people who say they would never, never vaccinate their kids, start plying them with oils and herbs from a very early ages. Vaccinations are at least regulated.  Essential oils are not.

In any case, although I myself like lavender combined with oils such as eucalyptus radiata for massage or bath salts, or even with peppermint, I think it would be nice for those of us in the aromatic world to venture out and try other oils that may offer up some new scentsations! 

How about palmarosa?  This gentle oil has a rosy, slightly grassy scent, which is calming and excellent for skincare.  The oil is well priced and offers up a whole new world of blending possiblities. There's also grapefruit, which is calming and gently stimulating and it can add a devine scent to your laundry.  There's sexy patchouli the scent of the 70's. For other floral scents there is ylang ylang, heady but seductive.

So next time you are thinking up mixing up an interesting synergy leave out the lavender and explore new options.

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