Monday, July 18, 2011

That Neck Thing -- Don't Feel Bad About It

Erma Bombeck feels bad about her neck.  So bad, she wrote an entire book about it.  From an essential oil perspective there isn't much you can do to tighten your neck.  You can use oils such as rose geranium, clary sage, a bit of lemon and lavender to brighten your skin and lighten those age spots.

The most effective answer to a sagging neck is a face lift.  However, if that isn't in your cards, you can hide it.  Wear high necked sweaters and shirts, or add a light scarf  and wrap around your neck for a fabulous trendy look. You can also wear an enormous necklace that will take away from the droop. 

Wear a signature scent created from essential oils that reflect the person you are and bring out your inner energy.  Aromas can be blended to your exact specifications for a signature scent.

Still feeling bad about your neck?  loose yourself in our gorgeous blog -   You'll find yourself feeling wonderful.