Monday, May 23, 2011

Sex and Aromatherapy: A Hot Topic

For those of you who are experiencing a lackluster sex life, there's good news:  You are not alone.  My posting Why Have Sex?  Try Ylang Ylang "scored" the biggest hits ever on this blog. So here's the question?  why are so many people bored with thier sex life? 

Of course there are many reasons; lack of interest in thier partner, lack of a partner, pain, stress, emotional disconnect, lack of self esteem, physical or mental illness and the list goes on. 

From an aromatic perspective, olefaction smell can make a big difference in your attitude toward yourself-- and your partner. Scent is among the most primative sensations and most evocative. Using an essential oil can help remove the edge from being with someone you are either not terribly thrilled with or so thrilled with that you experience lack of self esteem and performance anxiety. 

A drop or two of a deep sweet frankincense combined with a few drops of sandalwood and blended in jojoba oil and used as a sensual massage to start can get those juices flowing as you or your partner begin to feel your muscles warm and relax.  Or you may diffuse this synergy with some essential oil of lemon to rev things up.

For lack of self-esteem, it pays to invest in essential oil of rose.  Extremely expensive its affinity is with the heart and confidence.  A less expensive alternative would be rose geranium. One heady drop of the essential oil of rose on the throat may be all it takes to unleash the burning lover within.  My suggestion for men would be sandalwood as it is relaxing without being sedating and has a warm masculine smell. 

You can cool down an over attentive love by diffusing peppermint. You can also sprinkle it on your linen. This invigorating oil can have  deep and heavy scent, but beware it can be arousing as well. To induce sleep in a boring bed partner offer a hand an arm massage with a lotion that is infused with neroli, and excellent oil for relaxation.

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