Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who Says Detox Baths Have to Stink?

People new to the realm of essential oils are often surprised to learn that certain oils smell unpleasant, lending credence to the idea that anything good for you feels bad, tastes bad and looks bad. 

It is unfortunate that simple techniques that can enhance your lifestyle are thought to be stinky.  A detox bath enhanced with essential oils, which is beneficial to detoxifying our bodies of acids, other unhealthy matter, stimulating the lymph system, decongesting the liver, relaxing the mind and some believe relieving cellulite is sometimes avoided when people get a whiff of some of the oils suggested.

A detoxifying bath soak can be calming or invigorating and always smell wonderful depending on the oils selected.  That is why it is important to speak to a qualfiied aromatherapist before blending any oils yourself. Some oils have contraindications you may not be aware of.  A certified aromatherapist can also create a detox bath essential oil blend that slips in a few of the icky smelling oils which have excellent properties and then disguising the scent with pleasant smelling oils.

I like using epsom salts which are very beneficial to the liver. They are also inexpensive and very relaxing to the mind.  A calming blend which I like is cedarwood (atlas) which revs up a sluggish lymph system. Sunny lemon brightens the mood, boosts the immune system by thinning the blood and reduces the acidity in the body.  A dash of grapefruit amps up bile. It may also stimulate the appetite, however, the aroma is devine.

For a fresh minty aroma, and clarity of the mind add in a drop or two of peppermint - but only if soaking during the day.  Peppermint is excellent for lymph drainage.

Although the combinaion of peppermint and grapefruit is divine the two together can have you dashing out of your bath and crashing your refridergator, so try not to combine

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