Friday, June 17, 2011

Turn his Lust into Love with Essential Oils-The Summer of Hot Desire

Meterologist were predicting a cool, wet summer.  Instead its turned out to be pretty hot indeed - lets call it the summer of hot desire.

The internet is plastered with experts weighing in on "How to Tell if its Love or Lust?"  or "What is Lust?" or "Lust vs. Love."  Is love preferable to lust?  who really cares?  Just as lust can cause unhealthy reactions it can cause postive ones as well and it doesn't diminish with age.  Good lust is about feeling "high," invincible, happy.  Bad lust makes us anxious, obssesive and frightened. 

Scientists and psychologist and experts on romance seem to draw a line between love and lust.  I believe that sometimes you can turn lust into love not only by prolonging the outcome but also by using essential oils to both heighten the impact of lust and calm your mind in the throes of the moment.

Let me explain.  Lust begins in the limbic system, the oldest part of the brain. This part of the brain causes us to work on automatic - such as fight or flight, sleep and hunger. Essential oils are thought to work on the limbic system as well. So here's some advice:
  1. Cool down your own passion with a "hit" of a blend of euclyptus, rosemary and lemon to clear your head so you can gain better control of your emotions.
  2. Combine a drop of cypress, a few drops of bergamot and mandarin in an ounce of jojoba oil and add to your bath to stop obsessive thinking about your intended.  This gives you the upper hand, once you are cooler not so eager, the object of your interest heats up and begins pursuing more intensely
  3. Make him weak at the knees with a perfume of ylang ylang and jasmine combined in jojoba oil.  Ylang ylang can reduce pulse rate while increasing arousal.  It also is reassuring, calming and fosters inner peace, elation and releases endorphins.  He'll smell it too and the little chemicals -will reach his brain too. He'll wonder why he feels soooo good and trusting with you.  Don't feel obligated to share your secret. Side benefit:  excellent aphrodisiac.  Side benefit number 2:  controls those butterflies when you are with him, giving you more of a chance to actually enjoy being with him. Jasmine will relax you as well but better yet, is highly sensuous and reassuring.
  4. Sensuous bath.  Relax him with a tub filled with warm water and sandalwood.  Add a drop of frankincense and then watch your tiger turn into a pussycat.  He'll be amenable to all.  
  5. Never give away your secrets. Especially about the oils.  He'll feel maniupulated. 
Keep that hot lust but by keeping yourself cool, you can watch the fire of desire turn into the warming flames of the home hearth.


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