Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Social Networking the New Workout?

Let your fingers do the walking, talking and even dancing. Are social networks like Ning, Meetup, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and who knows what else the Gyms of the year 2012?

I could reasonably argue yes. Some social networks request a fee of $25.00 and up per month like a gym. While gyms stretch, tone and augment muscle buildup in all parts of the body, they never focus on a finger work out. Social networking exercise the fingers and sometimes the brain but the butt and the biceps are ignored. Below's video of breakdancing fingers is a perfect example of what we have come to expect:

I remember way back when in the 1990's the gym was not only a place to run, swim and sweat but it was also a place to socialize. Why bother now though? I can watch a video of someone pumping iron while I try to promote my latest products and get my pinky finger into excellent shape. An occasional stretch and a heart pumping game of tennis on Wii sport seems to be all I need.

However, after attending a really great bloggers meeting this week, I realized that even bloggers get the blues sometimes. There seems to be this human urge to connect in someway, even though many people are pushing an agenda. So what? Maybe virtual networks are proving the point that no person can live on an island (however tempting that is) and we all need to connect somewhere and somehow.

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Monday, January 16, 2012