Saturday, March 5, 2011

Threes Secrets to Younger Looking Skin with Three Secret Essential Oils

Skin ages.  It blotches, it browns, it scabs, it reddens.  Lots of things happen to skin over the years.   We wear our hearts on our sleeves and our years on our face. 

There are three secrets to keeping your skin younger looking longer.  They don't involve alot of money or time or sophisticated equipment. 

Secret number 1:  Don't smoke.  If you do quit.  Right now. Get a patch, get hypnotized get anything that will help you. Try inhaling an essential oil - esspecially bergamot to help contain the compulsion to smoke.  Add a bit of chamomile to resist the urge to smoke and cypress to stregnthen your purpose.  Smoking does awful things to the skin.  Smoker's lips develop little fine lines, and lipstick gets caught in them.  Dehydrates the skin.  It deepens the dreaded marionette lines around the mouth.  

Damage control: If you continue to smoke don't bother doing anything to correct or repair your skin as smoking
can either hinder healing or shorten the length of time temporary correction can last. Once you have given up
up your cigarettes you might think about Botox, dermal fillers or peptide products. Deep chemical peels and
mild chemical peels can brighten fatigued looking skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.
Secret number 2:  The sun.  The sun can cause photoaging and unattractive brown spots on your hands and face.  Use sunscreen every day, even when it is overcast and don't forget your hands.

Damage control: Of course, sun screen to prevent further aging. Mild chemical peels combined with microderm
abrasion conducted in a series gets nice results. There are natural fading lotions and of course hydroquinone
which is somewhat controversial -- and available without a perscription up to 2%. It is not recommended for more
than a few weeks use. Hydrorejuvenation, again a series is recommended to help rejuvenate the skin and at home
care can help refresh and brighten your face.
Secret number 3:  Facials and professional exfoliation on  regular basis and orchid extract.  Add 7 drops of orchid oil, 2 drops rose geranium and 6 drops of frankincense to unscented organic or natural hydrating cream and use day and night prior to your sunscreen.  Frankincense and rose are great oils to use to hydrate and restore and youthful glow to the skin.

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