Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten Seconds to Younger Looking Skin. Added Bonus This Oil Has a Great Aroma

Yes, ten seconds is all it takes to get on your way to younger, smoother skin for spring.  This miracle essential oil is palmarosa. Its a fragrant straw colored grass with a sweet aroma spiked with notes of rose. 

Gentle and excellent for all skin types, palmarosa is used in formulations designed to address mature and aging skin.  As a skin rejuvenator it smooths wrinkles, and works on red capillaries that "decorate" the areas around the nose and somtimes can be found on the skin. It also is recommended for adult acne, especially for sensitive skin. 

At OmStone Aromas we specialize in creating high quality, customized products with essential oils to work with your specific skintype.  A lovely therapuetic blend to consider would be palmarosa and frankincese.  Visit us at and see how lovely skincare can be.

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