Monday, March 14, 2011

Psychoaromatherapy: Use it to your advantage

You may not believe it but we are constantly being manipulated by smells.  Walk into any mall and notice the food court is always in the center luring you with the aroma of fresh baked cookies.  Next thing you know, you are buying a dozen and wolfing them down, even though you've sworn off sweets. 

Home sellers are often encouraged to diffuse vanilla and other irritating scents throughout their homes when trying to sell.  I use the word irritating because I believe aromas must be subtly diffused and not annoying. 

You too can use psychoaromatherapy to your advantage. Whether you are negotiating a deal or negotiating a date.  The trick is to use the aromas carefully and subtly.  A drop of lemon is refreshing and stimulating - exciting to the person you are pitching too.  Ylang ylang is known to be an extremely potent aphrodisiac, it is also a potent aromatic and must be carefully blended in order not to turn off your love interest.

Companies have begun diffusing essential oils throughout their offices to keep their workers energized and pleasant.  If you would like to learn the tricks of the trade please contact us at

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