Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Essential Oils Can Bring Sex Back into Your Marriage

Its been said before: Its all in your mind. Attraction begins in the brain and moves outward. There's alot about chemistry that we don't understand but some of it is stimulated by ambiance. Ambiance can set the mood. Think about it. When you first start getting close you buy sexy lingerie. Take long baths and pay lots of attention to grooming. You dim the lights switch on the music and take your time. As you become more familiar with your partner, certain things just slip away, the lingerie is replaced by cotton, the pretty nighties by gray sweat pants and perfume by nothing. He stops using mouthwash before coming to bed. It just gets boring and same old, same old. You may not care and he may not care but lack of sex leaves your marriage vulnerable and unless you are willing to take risks it might be wise to indulge every so often, but how can you get that old feeling back? You can fake it. You can fake it with the lacy panties and the baths and by creating an ambiance. Essential oils can help. Use scentless candles in a dimmed room and diffuse a blend of jasmine, rose, neroli and sandalwood. Some of the most beautiful oils available. Jasmine is an aphrodisiac, rose addresses the heart, neroli the senses and sandalwood adds a spicy, somewhat musky undertone. After sex, as no one smokes anymore, indulge in a little after aromatherapy. Add a drop or two of lemon, orange or bergamot to a cotton ball and give to your partner to inhale. This will lock in a pleasureable experience into his or her brain and enhance the feeling and memory.