You can sleep and relax and enjoy your life with aromatherapy

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Every day matters so you want to be as alert as possible. Even if you aren't all that rested every day matters and you can enjoy life even if you don't sleep well. The more you focus on your lack of sleep, the more uncomfortable you will be.
It is hard work to relax. Essential oils can help relax the mind and the body. The molecules that comprise chemical structure of the essential oils are so tiny, they can penetrate the blood brain barrier to reach into and impact the hypothalmus and the nervous system.

One of the most potent and effective essential oils is Melissa Officinalis, Lemon Balm. Melissa impacts the neurons that stimulates GABA in the brain - essential for sleep. Melissa mimics the actions of benzodiazopene, class of sleeping pills marketed under the brand name of restoril.

There are two drawbacks to the oil: Finding true unadulaterated Melissa is a challenge, and the send drawback is it is expensive. There for use only a drop or two. A less expensive alternative, is to use the hydrosol available at Mountain Rose and pump up the action with soothing sweet orange, neroli, lavender and rose.

You can simply add a drop or two of Melissa to a cotton ball. The aroma is potent. Visit for a custom blend mister, lotion, bath salt, shower gel for a pleasing aroma of your choice,custom blended to your specifications.

Try Sleep from our UrbanOm line if you want a preblended product with a pleasing aroma. Anchored with sandalwood and spiked with bergamot sleep can be used during the night as well.  This non-narcotic, mister is relaxing and calming. $15.00.