Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Essential Oils and Love

Only Pets Can be Relied Upon for Unconditional Love
Its true. Other than love from a pet, no love is unconditional and if you don't feed your pet or mistreat your pet, you will loose their love as well. Family members fall out all the time. Brothers and sisters move, fight and disagree. Parents and children loose contact. Lovers,companions and husbands and wives split, divorce and wind up despising each other. So contrary to the Beatles song, love is not all you need. Only a starry eyed teen can believe so silliness. It is a frightening thought that love may not last forever or even for a few years. There are three solutions: Develop self reliance, a plan for the future and nurture the love you have because it is truly precious. We all get angry at our loved ones and fighting seems like the natural resolution however, fighting can cause alot of damage tearing at the fabric that holds us together. A good rule of thumb is not to say cruel things even when tempted. So here's an idea: keep a vial of essential oil nearby -- or a cotton ball that has a few drops of your favorite soothing oil that can clear the air of negativity and offer some positive support. Great oils are the citric oils, such as lemon, orange and grapefruit. They are uplifting and offer a positive aura to even a negative situation. Bergamot - bitter orange has the added benefit of being an obsessive thought buster. Sandalwood is soothing and great to inhale or to dab on your wrist when tensions are running high. If you are in the same room with the person you are sparing with take a moment and spray the room with a mixture of ounce of distilled water and two or three drops of Eucalyptus to clear negativity. You can also dab small pieces of paper with a drop or two of your favorite calming oil like vetiver and place them in your shoes to remind you to keep grounded and focused and not loose out on the love you deserve and need to preserve.

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