Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pete Campbell from Mad Men is a Smirking Rat and Who Doesn't Know One?

So Pete Campbell got his this week.  A left hook to the face by oldster Lane Price.  Who hasn't wanted to smash a co-worker in the face?  but in these buttoned up times we are very Zen about it -- inviting the smirking rat to a Birkam yoga class or couples Reiki session to air out negative energy.

If co-workers called each other out in the year 2012 the police would be called. There would be crisis interventionists and post traumatic stress counselors available onsite.  This is the correct way to handle disputes, however when working with a slimy, nasty little rat it sometimes seems like it would just be great to belt it out.

Are you working with someone you just can't stand or are afraid of?  are you concerned about loosing your job if you speak up?  if this is the case you can handle things.  Try bringing essential oils of lemon and lavender to work. Add a drop or two of each on a cotton ball and inhale.  Feel instant relief and get cracking on finding a new job.

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