Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Have Sex? Get Motivated with Ylang Ylang

Why Have Sex?  That's a good question.  Especially if you have been in a long term relationship, sex seems like one addtional chore or obligation that one needs to make time for in their busy life. Its really easy to loose interest in it, once it becomes same old, same old.  Agreed?

Well, having sex is a good idea merely because it is a good way to burn alot of calories fast. It is also  a good way to keep your relationship on track.  What can you do if you simply don't feel like it?  ever...?

Counseling is out of our realm but Ylang Ylang is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and can help you get motivated for the big 15 minutes or so you will need to be engaged. 
Ylang ylang is a gentle oil that is rich in esters.  It sooths the nervous system and allows you to relax.  Another reason it is not a whole essential oil, meaning that it is processed differently from other essential oils. In a 2005 study ylang ylang was found to reduce the pulse rate while at the same time increasing alterness and arousal.  All good conditions for having sex. 

So now we've established that we must have sex for diet and for our relationship.  We've established that ylang ylang works on relaxing the pulse rate as well as the nervous system while at the same time increasing alertness and arousal, so how do we use this very powerful smelling oil?

It can be used in an inhaler along with other essential oils.  The chemicals of the scent will travel immediately to the brain and into the limbic system where ylang ylang will begin to do its work.  Ylang ylang can also be added to a lotion along with other oilsin a blend that it won't over power.  Check out for intstructions on how to blend. Happy Luvin!

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