Friday, April 15, 2011

When He Bores You. Spruce Things Up.

If you are married and he bores you, you obviously have a problem.  If you are feeling an extraordinary amount of resentment it is time to see a therapist.  However, if it is just a dull throb and your relationship is in the doldrums and you can live with it there are tricks to enliven your significant -- or possibly insignificant other.

Change often revitalizes a stagnant relationship and that change doesn't have to be a significant one. We will leave the communication techniques to the therapists, psychologists, coaches and social workers to analyze.  However, there is significant reseach in psychoaromatherapy. 

Psychoaromatherapy is the study of how aromas work on the mind and change a dynamic, or many dynamics. There are companies infusing their company's hallways with essential oils to calm the air.  Adding aromas to your home and living areas can help you spruce up your relationship.  Especially by diffusing black spruce.
The chemical in essential oils are what gives the oil it scent and actions.  Black spruce is a woodsy scent reminscent but sweeter and milder than eucalytus radiata (the two combine, relax and help you focus). 

The fresh aroma diffused through your home will at least give you something to talk about.  It will calm you and perk you up as well.  For more information visit

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