Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She'll Make you Want a Piece of Her

Some of us women are masochists.  We never got over getting put down in school.  Perhaps, we always wanted to be part of the in crowd and never were.  Some of us were awed by cool people.  Some of us, including myself have never gotten beyond and continue to put ourselves in situations where we are constantly seeking the approval of nasty, mean women.

You know the type... the hair stylist that makes you feel inferior.  The makeup counter person who is slightly nasty but very attractive, the personal trainer that looks down on us.  No matter how they make us feel we keep on going back and back and back hoping to win their approval for whatever we need their approval for. 

Wanna stop?  you can.  Essential oils help build confidence. Rose for instance can help repair a broken heart, cracked by disappointment and always being the odd man out.  Bergamot and cypress can stop obssesive behavior. Everytime you think of going into the jewlery store with the snooty sales woman, just inhale one or both of these oils and you will find yourself thinking of other ways to improve your self worth.


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