Friday, January 28, 2011

Hidden Hazards of Aromatherapy: Never give this oil to a baby!

Not all essential oils are created equal.  Not all people are created equal either.  Internet sources, books and health food store personnel  can give you general information regarding essential oils, it makes good sense to consult with an educated, certified professional member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists ( before purchasing your essential oils and products. NAHA sets the gold standard for education.

Clinical or master aromatherapists who have earned certification through a NAHA approved curriculum complete a level one class of 30 -40 hours.  Voting members of NAHA have completed approximately 300 hours of training including case studies, oil analysis and a white paper.  This training includes contraindications to the use specific oils that are generally agreed upon.

Peppermint Mentha x piperita  is a very popular essential oil.  It is used to reduce nausea and tension  headache.  It is refreshing and stimulating and recommended for Raynaud's disease, travel sickness and stomach upsets. It can also be used in combination with grapefruit and eucalyptus in a rub for sore muscles.  In high concentrations it can burn and should not be applied to open wounds. It is used for colds and flus and in over the counter preparations.

Peppermint, should  never given to an infant or small child, or used around the child's facial region or nose due to the risk of spasms and respiratory arrest.   Avoid use in children eight years old and younger and for children older than eight follow recommended usage amounts.

The information provided here has not be reviewed or approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  It is not intended as an alternative to medical advice, or the advice of a medical professional.

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