Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When They're Hot and You're Not

Its happened us all. This horrible feeling.  You think: They look great, they are poised and polished, or they are professional  or down right sexy.  You feel insecure. Left out. Overlooked and insignificant. Doesn't matter if you are married, single, alone and want to be alone, straight or gay, tall or short, heavy or thin. Although you have tried your best, you still feel you are missing the elusive "it."   

The "it" is the thing that makes people tick around you. The "it" is confidence.   The "it" comes down to how you feel about yourself, not how others feel about you.  People who radiate confidence, happiness and security are the sexiest people alive.  Self-confidence is a gift.  Confident people are secure in their abilities to win jobs, friends and success in life.  Some lucky people are fortunate to be born with it, others need to develop it.  Essential oils can help. 

Whoa, baby , don't laugh! essential oils have been shown to work on the brain.  The tiny molecules of essential oils reach way back into the deepest recesses of our thinking parts- the limbic system through our olefactory system.   So if you are feeling down and out and lack self-esteem, try the following oils:  basil, neroli and some lime to for happiness. If you would like to boost your sex appeal think about jasmine or ylang ylang.  While these oils can impact the mind, they can also react on the skin and need to be blended with carrier oils, waxes or butters.

Seek the guidance of a professional, certified and might we add-insured- aromtherapist.  An aromatherpist can make you just the product to fit your lifestyle.  For those insecure moments on the go an inhaler or roll-on might be just the thing.  Or an Omstone personal inhaler, a charming customized terra cotta stone embraced in copper and worn as a necklace or braclet can deliver the benefits of the aromas all day long.  At night you might soak in the pleasures of essential oils in a bubble or epsome salt bath.  Other options include a room mister, creams and gels.  Get customized, chic aromatherapy products including Omstones for yourself and your home at 
(This article is not intended to provide medical information.)

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