Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot Flashes? No Sweat. Try Cypress reports that 52 million American women entered menopause in 2010.  Let's tip our hats to those women celebrating their release from tampax, kotex, cramps, PMS and birth control.  This calls for a collective hot flash in their honor.

Hot flashes are the second most reported symptom by women entering menopause, which marks the end of their fertile years and monthly periods.  For many women this is a time of celebration.  For others, hot flashes, minor memory loss, insomnia and other issues make menopause a very difficult time.  

Hot flashes are not only uncomfortable they can be very embarassing. Hot flashes are caused by hormonal fluctuations and can be brief or last up to an hour, they can cause a mild heat or a sheet soaking sweat.  Fortunately, cypress, Cuppressus semprervirens  an under appreciated oil can help.  

Cypress is a woody green tree that  grows to 60 feet tall.  It has been recommended for sweating as far back as Hipppcrates. Cypress is a vasoconstrictor and should be avoided by women with high blood pressure. 

Cypress is rich in monoterpenes, particularly a-pinene with comprises 40% of its chemical makeup.  The chemical structure of essential oils are important as that is how aromatherapists catergorize their therapuetic actions.  Oils that have high monterpene content are refreshing and have a drying effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Cypress also contains 5% of the alcohol cedrol which has relaxing effect. 

On a psychological level, cypress is effective for times of transition.  This is one great oil for menopausal women.  Cypress could be quite effective when used together with cooling aloe vera, rose absolute essential oil or rose geranium, or clary sage.   A discreet roll-on comprised of aloe vera, cypress and rose geranium could slipped into a woman's purse and dabbed on the temples, behind the knees or anywhere that was needed to cool down a hot flash and calm sweating.

At home a synergy of oils that could dispersed in a basin of cool water to soak a soft cotton towel to create a heat relieving compress. Inhalation of cypress may also help to calm the mind and lower the panic levels when experiencing a hot flash.  Visit to find the perfect product to blend with cypress.

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