Sunday, February 13, 2011

Because its My Face Stupid!

For many years there has been a nationwide movement advocating for educated aestheticians who actually know what they are doing. Some schools just train aestheticians to pass the state boards and then they are on their own. This means they need to become self-educated.

Ounce out and about and in the salon or spa, the aesthetician is given acid and crystal powder to apply to the face. They may or may not be trained, but what the hell? they can try and experience is after all the best teacher. Also since some of the newbie aestheticians are so green they may not be aware of state laws which dictate what they can and cannot use on someone's face.

So if your aesthetician wants to apply a peel or some preparation that just doesn't feel right, just say "no". If they ask why, just answer "because it is my face." You can leave out the stupid because she's the one with the acid in her hand!
Aestheticians that want to be successful take their jobs very seriously. They are educated on the products they sell and understand when and how and why to use something. A seasoned aesthetician or not so seasoned aesthetician who is ambitious and well educated will approach you cautiously and make sure you are not overly sensitive.
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