Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beauty and the Bitch: Self esteem and essential oils

Girls can be cruel to each other.  Especially girls in middle school. There are more ways to bully and taunt someone than ever before. 

Being bullied can have  life-long implications.   In addition to damaging self-esteem it may impact the way a girl communicates and interacts with people for the rest of her life.  There is no logical reason that bullying should continue to be accepted as a rite of passage. 

Why does it happen? There are many theories and thoughts as to why.  My opinion is that this goes much deeper than a mere power struggle.  I believe bullying has to do with survival of the fittest. The very essence as to what makes us tick as human beings, the inate instinctual desire to reproduce and the desire to attract more male partners to help acheive that desire.

There are cases where a girls between the ages of 11 and 13 are ostracized or teased because they arer "weird."  No one should be bullied because they march to a different drummer, however, this is the nature of the beast.  Thre are some really smart, attractive nice girls that find themselves on the recieving end of the bully's stick.  Generally, she is victimized by the queen bee a little bitchy girl who feels threatened by her sweeter kinder rival.  In evolutionary terms, the queen bee or bitch as she may be subconciously feels that her ability to attract the interest of the boys is being impeded by this start up rival who is equally attractvie. 

Damaged self-esteem is the upshot and aromatherapy can help both the "bitch and the beauty" by offering a feeling of confidence and calm.  Oils suggested are neroli for confidence, rose for comfort and ylang ylang for acceptance.  Essential oils could be combined in an aloe gel for a perfume that all the girls would wear.  The perfume would create a bonding, plus it would lower tensions as the girls began to accept each other and feel their self-esteem and confidence rise.

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