Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Valentine's Day Romance Him with Aromatic Bath. If you Do This After... You'll Really Take His Breath Away!

Why venture out into the snow and ice when an aromatic bath warms up even the coldest of winter's nights.   The right essential oils combined with a knowing lover's touch will earn you much more gratitude than that chocolate torte ever could.

Remember its not what your bathtub looks like its what you put in it.  Be careful, not all men enjoy floral scents.  In order for your romantic night to work, you'll need to do a little footwork, in anticipation of playing footsie.  Stock your aroma dispensary with the essential oils of  sandalwood, ylang ylang and and ginger.  Create a synergy of 1 drop gin ginger, 2 drops ylang ylang and 7 drops sandalwood.  Add to one ounce of unscented, all natural bath gel or bubble bath.
Then add 2 drops of ylang ylang  and 7 drops sandalwood and 6 drops lavender to unscented all natural massage cream.  Do you see where we are going with this?  Make sure you have large, soft towels, a fresh bathrobe and pretty unscented candels. Dim the lights for ambiance.

Sandalwood is the most sensual of all essential oils. Ylang Ylang is a most powerful aphrodisiac, ginger opens the body to intimacy and lavender breaks down any barriers to touch.  What a night! Ginger is quite pungent, so use it sparingly! 

Disperse your synergy of ylang ylang, sandalwood and ginger into your bath and enjoy.  Later blend the lavender, sandalwood and ylang ylang synergy with your unscented massage cream and give him a massage he'll never forget.  The oils with both calm and stimulate him.  Who needs chocolate?  Contact to create a blend he won't be able to resist.

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