Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Glowing Day

Ice still clings to the bare tree branches despite the warming temperatures and slight thaw.  The display of sunlight continues to break into coloful prisms as melting drops of ice glisten as they fall.  The tips of tree tops shine in the fading daylight and everything is dusted with a snow that trims the icey landscape like a fresh dollop of whipped cream.  

It is a perfect day to explore the countryside.  To pull on a lined pair of wellington boots, take the dog and begin tramping through the nature centers to admire nature's spectacular display.   Icicles glisten like so many white diamonds. There is perfect silence.  How wonderful the world is!  How magical!

The fire is crackling in my fireplace and  I am diffusing a warm heady combination  of the essential oils of  mandarin, cinnamon and sandalwood throughout my house.  My children play quietly, unconcerned,  about homework or the next day to come.  The dog snoozes soundlessly beside me on the floor - out for the count.   This is the time to contemplate, to explore the inner landscape.  What have I done today?  What can I do better? 

You can enjoy the same synergy of mandarin, sandalwood and cinnamon I have blended for myself.  Please contact me at Omstonearomas. com

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