Monday, February 21, 2011

A Chilly, Icy, Day

Today was spectacular in its icy splendor.  Bare tree branches looked frozen in time.  A spell was cast on this city, which over night had transformed into a crystal ice palace.
"It looks like Narnia" said my son's friend who was visiting.  Indeed, as snow bound as we were, we were also spell bound by the chilly beauty of fairy tale granduer which surrounded us.   Set against the gray landscape the utter silence of it all awed even the youngest among us.

It was a day to celebrate with frankincese. To pay tribute to the power of nature, and the stellar display of the spirit and God.

I sat the children down in front of our picture window overlooking the ice sculptures that were once trees, wrapped them in soft blankets and made them hot chocolate and asked them to describe what they saw.

I decided to paint a picture of the day - an aromatic picture. I poured myself a cup of steaming mint tea in anticipation of a few quite moments to blend a synergy that would remind me of this day always. I blended frankincese, euclyptus radiata, black spruce, lemon and peppermint hydrosol with distilled water and to describe the chilled, crystaline topiaries glistening outside my window. 

The synergy is chilling yet reviving, rejuvenating and refreshing.  Underneath the minty cool base notes is a  heat associated with peppermint.  A heat that restores faith in renewal.

On a hot day in the summer, I will add this synergy to a lukewarm bath and cool off as I remember the astounding beauty of a frigid February Day.

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