Monday, February 7, 2011

Aromatherapy for your Lifestyle

No matter where you live these days life is hectic and stressful.  There is the faltering economy, fewer jobs, fewer contacts with people and electronics all the time anytime.  Kids are attached to little Ninetendo computers they carry around. After school its Wii. 

We are bombarded by information and it seems like none of it is good.  Lots of "must do's" fill the airwaves.  Must have breakfast, must have less than 6 ounces of protein, must work out like 10 times a week -- where on earth are we supposed to get the time, let alone the money?  The expectations are high. 

Can't even get away from it all at work -- that is for those of us who have work.  Many employed people are performing jobs that used to be done by two or three people.  No complaining allowed.  There's no time or money for a vacation.  Not to mention college tuition, and parents who may not be well. 

It all takes it toll on diet, exercise, outlook and emotions.  UrbanOm (  was created to help urban and suburban dwellers find relief.  These edgy products address stress, insomnia, focus and our environment.  They are preblended with the finest essential oils sourced from reliable markets.  Like OmStone Products, they are insured.   The collection includes five products:

Clean - Environmental, concentrated, all natural mutlipurpose house cleaner.  Antibacterial and antimicrobia.

Shape (Up) - a silky body lotion infused with  lemon and sweet orange wedded to spearmint,  revives flagging energy, promotes an interest in exercise and curtails appetitie.

Sleep - Melissa (lemon balm) hydrosol, a potent essential oil which relaxes the nervous system, and  leads sandalwood and lavender in the battle against insomnia.  It is thought that Melissa mimics the actions of benzodiazopenes - commonly used sleeping pills.  This mister scents your bedroom, pillow, pajamas and body.  Evening use only.

Focus- Restless?  racing thoughts?  focus can calm your racing thoughts and stimulate your mind.  Key ingredeient is grapefruit which is a nervine as well uplifting.  Simply apply gel to bottom of feet or temples or wear as a personal scent.

Focus 4 Kids - Ages seven years and older.  Our aromatherapist earned a Master of Arts degree in Education.  Mandarin, is the pivital oil, which is used to calm hyperactivity in kids.

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