Monday, February 14, 2011

There's a Sexy Secret in your Spice Cabinet - Try it as an Essential Oil

There's a sexy secret in your spice cabinet. Its even hotter when used as an essential oil. We're talking about cinnamon. Spicy, heady and exotic, use this oil when you mean business in the bedroom, or the livingroom, or where ever else strikes your fancy and other parts of your body.

This oil generates heat in more than one way, so if you are very sensitive refrain from applying it to your body and never to your face. It can be a dermal sensitizer, and never use this oil if you are pregnant or in a bath. Cinnamon is high in eugenol and it may interfer with blood clotting so don't use with anticoagulant drugs or with hemophiliacs. There are two types of cinnamon oil bark and leaf... bark should never be applied on the body. Add a drop of cinnamon to natural or organic lotion or cream and to really get things rolling add another stimulating oil like ginger or if your partner doesn't seem in the mood a drop of sweet fennel should do the trick. Lighten things up with an additional 6 drops (per ounce ) of grapefruit oil.

Life doesn't get any better than this. OmStone Aromas can create personalized blends just for this purpose. for more on the benefits of cinnamon, click this link:

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