Friday, November 4, 2011

Aromatic advice for Kim Kardashian

Aromaram generally focuses on topical and relevent issues, however, much to the blog's amusement Kim's marriage bash has surpassed her wedding What a twist to the marriage that was described by the press as royalty.  Was the split truly unexpected?  Of course, we can always ask mama Kris who claims she could have saved Nicole Simpson.  Oh yeah?  why couldn't she save her own daughter?  Guess mama Kris knows disaster brings in the dollars.

Well just in case Kimmy is crying her eyes out in Australia, we have some aromatic advice for her...  Rose, Lavender and Sweet Orange.  Rose of course, to mend a broken heart and heal disappointment.  Especially since she may have to return that two million dollar ring.  Lavender to relax miss Kim and help her sleep as she promotes hand bags in Australia, and sweet orange, because it is sunny and bright like her native Los Angeles and will keep her smiling through out the drama of her televised divorce.  Will Kris Humphries be featured?  Don't know if there are any oils for suckers but he could try sandalwood to stay cool calm and collected.  He'll need it.

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