Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Sex

What's a better present for your loved one than the gift of sex?  Especially if you dole it out sparingly througout the year.  Although this blog is a bit cynical about the role of sex, it can add wonders to your relationship and also cooperation (think designer handbag for christmas).

Lack of desire can be due to many reasons - stress, hormones, a new baby, boredom with your partner and not wanting to change the sheets.  Sometimes though it is due to being tired and lacking in the mood.  You can change the mood with essential oils.  Some oils are very sexy and relaxing indeed. 

Try diffusing a combination of pure sandalwood and rose, or if you  don't have that try sandalwood and lemon or jasmin and orange.   Lemon is uplifting, Jasmin is an aphrodisiac and sandalwood is relaxing.  Lower the lights and viola, a setting out of Arabian nights.

Have fun

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