Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Scent of the Holidays

The holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow evening with Thanksgiving Eve and continues in New Years.  For some people it is a really difficult time.  No matter where you are in the US you can feel those holidays. 

Its generally silient on the streets - even Manhattan on Thursday, Thanksgiving afternoons as people run hither and yon with their sweet potatoe pies.  If you are alone or stressed out, Thanksgiving can be the longest day of the year.

Even if you aren't alone and you are planning to get together with family, these gatherings can be difficult.  The Father-in-law who thinks he's fat.  The stupid cousin, the silly aunt and the burnt turkey. Every hour can seem like a year. 

A great option is the essential oil of black spruce. Try buying everyone an Omstone available from http://www.omstonearomas.com/  These gorgeous hand made stones absorb essential oils for days.  One drop and you are good to go and they make stunning gifts.  It comes with a small vial of oil -- request black spruce.  Its refreshing, green, uplifting and calming without being piney.  Black spruce blends well with lemon for a truly uplifting experience.

If you are spending Thanksgiving by yourself, rose geranium for comfort is a nice choice of oil to diffuse or to dab onto your omstone.   If you are around people who have a negative vibe, block it out with a rich, spicey, somewhat suggestive scent of frankincense.  If you have faux tree, you can add a few drops of black spruce, spruce or cedar for an aromatic tree.  Happy holidays.

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