Monday, August 15, 2011

Recovering from Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony was acquited.  Many people gasped in astonished horror.  The jury said there was not enough evidence to convict her.  Some people believe Anthony got away with murder.  Some people view this as the triumph of evil and blights their hope for a better world.

The opposite of evil is good.  Pleasure is good. Essential oils can help restore pleasure to life, especially in the face of depression and loss of hope. Of course essential oils cannot rectify people who are cruel and destructive, however they can help you feel good and massage the areas of the brain that feel hope.  Any oil that you find pleasing will help, but I truly recommend neroli.  Neroli is the oil of orange blossoms, the flowers that were carried in a bride's bouquet in Italy.  It is gentle yet sweet.  It calms heartache, disappointment and relieves insomnia.

Just one inhalation of this oil will remind you of the beauty in this world. Other benefits include reduction of stretch marks, acne, broken capillaries soothing of dry and mature skin.  I

Neroli is a very expensive oil, so use it with care.  It can also be diluted in jojoba to extend its quantities.
If you find yourself feeling down, and broken hearted over the state of the world, or something you just don't think is right or fair, break out the neroli, and put a drop or two in a small amount of jojoba. Dab on your temples and close your eyes and think of the gorgeous gardens of Italy.

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